On May 07, 2020, Marin Software Incorporated (NASDAQ:MRIN) a leading provider of digital marketing software for performance-driven advertisers and agencies, revealed financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Q1 was a challenging environment for all businesses, but our customers were able to leverage the flexibility, transparency and control provided by our solutions to help them respond effectively. Our budget planning tools and automated bidding, combined with features released this quarter like Amazon Dayparting and Automated Rules for social campaigns, helped advertisers to deliver better performance from their search, social and eCommerce campaigns, said Chief Executive Officer Chris Lien.

First Quarter 2020 Business and Product Release Highlights:

  • Launched Social Pacing Dashboards that enable advertisers to track how their campaigns are performing against a KPI. Customers are able to gain insight into their current results alongside daily expected data based on their target and project’s expected timeframe, allowing them to shift more money into better performing campaigns.
  • Expanded Automated Rules for Social campaigns in MarinOne, allowing advertisers to offload tasks they perform regularly throughout the day, such as checking that they are within budget or that their CPAs, ROIs, or ROAS are within their target KPIs.
  • Added support for additional Facebook Placements in Marin Social, including Marketplace, Search, and Instagram Explore. As more people spend time on social media during the Covid-19 lockdowns, these new placements offer advertisers new placement options in areas of Facebook that are not overly dominated with competitor advertising.
  • Launched Dayparting for Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. Dayparting enables advertisers to bid higher or lower throughout the day, down to 15-minute intervals if desired. In addition, advertisers can daypart campaign schedules by day of week, for example, to bid more aggressively on weekdays versus weekends.
  • Introduced full campaign management for Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns. Amazon advertisers can now use Marin bulk and automated bidding functionality for each of the Amazon Advertising campaign types.
  • Added reporting for Google Smart Shopping campaigns and improved display of product information, including Product Title.
  • Added dimensions, custom columns, support for Prominence Metrics, and additional historical data to the Devices grid.

Its earnings per share (EPS) expected to touch remained 72.70% for this year while earning per share for the next 5-years is expected to reach at 20.00%. MRIN has a gross margin of 53.60% and an operating margin of -30.20% while its profit margin remained -25.30% for the last 12 months.

According to the most recent quarter its current ratio was 1.7 that represents company’s ability to meet its current financial obligations. The price moved ahead of 11.07% from the mean of 20 days, 23.91% from mean of 50 days SMA and performed -5.93% from mean of 200 days price. Company’s performance for the week was -7.18%, 41.95% for month and YTD performance remained 21.74%.