Shapiro+Raj has announced on Thursday that the company has appointed Lisa La Brooy as the company’s new Vice President of its New York Office. The newly appointed company’s vice President, Lisa La Booy, has got years of experience in the relevant field and has been in the insights and global strategic research projects for the past 14 years.

The newly appointed company’s Vice President, Lisa La Brooy, holds the master’s and undergraduate degree from the University of Melbourne. Ms. Lisa has delivered powerful outcomes on a wide range of industries by adopting a behavioral-economics model. Before being promoted to the post of Vice President, Ms. Lisa La Brooy served as the Senior Director of health & the Wellness center at Shapiro+Raj.

Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Shapiro+Raj, Raj said, “Lisa has been instrumental in bringing our mission of delivering market-ready insights to life. Using innovative methods inspired by behavioral sciences and empowered by our tech platforms, she has delivered actionable outcomes for our clients.”

“This promotion is a recognition of her leadership and ability to make an impact as Shapiro+Raj continues to grow. Lisa’s background in marketing makes her very valuable in Shapiro+Raj’s model,” Raj further added in his statement.

Sharing her thoughts over the new appointment, Ms. Lisa La Brooy said, “As a marketer at heart, I am excited at the opportunity to continue driving business and marketing success for our clients by unearthing insights and developing activation plans in a way never before done in the research industry.”

“Shapiro+Raj’s commitment to innovation and evolution keeps us at the forefront of the industry while making a strong impact for our clients.  I am excited at this role and look forward to creating a new model in the new normal,” Ms. Lisa La Brooy further added in his statement.