Axalta has announced that the company has launched the Advanced Color Proofing retrieval software named as the ColorNet. The company has further said that it’s new color software also supports 3D modeling for business applications. The company has further said that its new advanced color matching software is basically a user-friendly platform that enables quick reporting than the earlier systems.

Axalta is a leading company engaged in the premium color matching technology. Apart from its Advance Color Proofing Software, ColorNet, the company also offers a wide range of other color matching tools, including award winning Quantum EFX spectrophotometer. The company has said that it has developed this model to enhance the digital behavior and experience of users.

The company provides access to users to its comprehensive library of color codes and formulas that are fully integrated with the entire color tools of Axalta. All the data of the ColorNet is securely stored on the Website of the company all the color codes and formulas are automatically updated on a regular basis.

Vice President of Axalta, Global Refinish, Troy Weaver said, “Advanced Color Proofing allows collision customers to view paint colors and digitally rotate them on 3D vehicle renderings to determine color match and blendability across panels.”

“Advanced Color Proofing reduces the need to paint multiple test panels to achieve the desired appearance, which saves time and materials and maximizes productivity in the body shop,” Troy Weaver further added.

“We are dedicated to making color formula retrieval and match as accurate and easy as possible for collision centers. By adding Advanced Color Proofing to ColorNet, we are extending our software platform to include 3D modeling, which will transform how color blendability is determined and enhance the user experience for our customer,” Troy Weaver concluded.