Greg Lindberg has announced to pledge 1 Million USD to the ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project (CLRP) that would encourage people to exercise their legal options, who cannot afford the litigation expenses due to several reasons.

The donation will help the individuals to start legal proceedings in different disciplines, including the racial injustice, over-criminalization, mass incarceration and to support the fair and equal society. Furthermore, the donation will also help to support all the objectives of the Criminal Law Reform project.

Mr. Greg Lindberg said, “People have taken to the streets to air their frustration with a system that is stacked against them. This contribution is meant to help people who don’t have the resources to fight injustice.”

“I have been disturbed by the consequences of prosecutorial abuses and unjust incarceration of non-violent offenders for some time. Recent events have exacerbated these concerns. Most people can’t afford to fight and they get rolled over by prosecutors and their bag of tricks. ‘Justice for all’ is sadly a mirage in much of today’s America,” Mr. Lindberg further added.

“The ‘Justice’ system is broken and your freedom is at risk. Major reforms are needed.  Even for someone with an ability to hire the best counsel, fighting the U.S. or State Government can wipe people out — emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually. Most unfortunately emerge not ‘rehabilitated’ but ruined and defeated. They can’t get a job, start a business, or even open a bank account.  And for what end? Families, lives, and futures are destroyed,” added Mr. Lindberg.

“We call ourselves a free society but the truth is the United States has the highest prison and jail population (2,121,600 in adult facilities in 2016), and the highest incarceration rate in the world (655 per 100,000 population in 2016),” Mr. Lindberg concluded.