Sanctuary Wealth has announced that the company has collaborated with the Wigand Integrated Wealth in Colorado Springs to expand its roster of partner firms. The company is jointly funded by Reinhold Wigand and his Son and they both have approximately $115 million in assets.

Reinhold Wigand currently served as the Senior Portfolio Manager, Resident Director and Senior Vice President of Colorado Springs Office. During the officer, Mr. Reinhold has assisted with both the institutions and clients to articulate the company’s investment and planning strategies.

He has worked on different domains in the company, including portfolio management, investment manager selection, education, portfolio management, estate planning, investment policy development, retirement planning and pension planning.

President and Co-Founder of Wigand Integrated Wealth, Reinhold Wigand said, “I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve seen that the best advisors are the ones who really put their clients first, and those also seem to be the advisors that have grown their businesses the best.”

“We felt that the best opportunity to continue serving our clients well would be through founding our own independent firm. Partnering with Sanctuary gives us access to the best resources and allows us to offer truly objective advice to our clients,” Reinhold further added.

President Wealth Management at Sanctuary Wealth, Vince Fertitta said, “I’ve worked with Reini for many years, and always known him to be an advisor who places his clients’ needs first and foremost.”

“We are excited to welcome him and Sam to the Sanctuary Family and look forward to helping them launch their new business. Through our Advisor Solutions Group we’ll be able to supply all the resources and support they need to succeed,” Vince Fertitta further added in the statement.