ValueHealth has announced that the company has appointed Don Bisbee as the company’s new President with immediate effect. In his new responsibilities, Mr Don Bisbee will lead all the 5 platforms of the company, including Benefit Management, BridgedCare, Muve Health, NueHealth and Healthcare Re.

Prior joining the company, Mr. Don has 20 years of experience in leading key management positions at various healthcare corporations and organizations. He was fully responsible for the largest market of Cerner’s, including Payment Reform, Interoperability, Device Connectivity and Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Company’s Chief Executive Officer Dan Tesset said, “Mr. Bisbee shares ValueHealth’s commitment to the future of value-based care. His expertise in technology and his focus on improving and expanding our digital footprint will empower ValueHealth to continue to exceed market expectations for healthcare transformation. We are very pleased to have him joining our team.”

President of ValueHealth, Mr. Don Bisbee said, “Consumer choice will soon be the biggest driver in healthcare. Empowering consumers and employers is central to ValueHealth’s business model, and their platforms are best-in-class at creating transparency, unprecedented clinical outcomes, measurable value and an overall better patient experience.”

“ValueHealth has the rare combination of long-term success and the willingness to be disruptive through a commitment to innovation. Their boldness to think differently has changed the value proposition across the whole spectrum of surgery care. Leveraging their platform along with market leading partners, ValueHealth is bending the cost curve in healthcare while dramatically improving quality.”

Executive Chairman of the company, John Palumbo said, “Don is a recognized industry executive who brings with him a deep understanding of how we can transform healthcare as we know it today. This, combined with his proven leadership skills, make him a great fit to lead our company into the future.”