MVP Holdings Inc., revealed recently that it has agreed to acquire Mealthy Inc., a San Antonio based small kitchen appliance company.  This stock purchase will be the MVP Holdings Inc’s first acquisition in its portfolio since the change in its name, ticker and strategy to become a more diversified company.

The acquisition of Mealthy Brand has come at a time when people around the world spending more time at homes with their families and more time than ever before in the kitchen preparing different home cooked meals. On the acquisition of Mealthy, MVP will address it to continue moving forward, with a phenomenal team, brand and asset.  In 2019 Mealthy Inc used the raised capital to develop a website and mobile app where it added its owned 1000’s of recipes.

Mvp holdings says the acquisition helped in kicking off its new direction away from the travel industry and getting into the various industries including the consumer goods and it will help the Mvp holdings to become more diversified. The investment of acquisition also represents an important strategic opportunity to bring the top level executive talent under the company’s umbrella as its goal in any acquisition is also to focus on the talent that is being acquired. Then the brand and its products are equally important from business point of view and how the changes will mesh with the existing culture of the company.  The company management affirmed that Mealthy will prove a fantastic addition to the MVP Holdings family.

MVP Holdings Inc. based in Fresno, Ca. works as in multiple industries which include real estate, consumer goods, consumer services and web-based services. While Mealthy Inc. engaged in manufacturing its top pressure cooker and it sold over it for $12M in the Mealthy products.