Prime Healthcare announced about the completion of the St. Francis Medical Center acquisition and starting a new era of healthcare for an essential medical facility in Los Angeles County.

Prime and the Attorney General in partnership have moved into the agreement on the conditions of the St Francis Medical Center AG approved by the Court. Prime also corresponded the additional conditions in addition to APA in partnership with the AG which are purposed to benefit patients and communities, and historic charity care policies that could benefit more eligible patients and over $65.6 million will go in charity care and community benefits.

Prime has increased its annual charity care expenditures by $1.35 million from $8 Million to $9.35 Million and which will increase the $1,139,301 annual community benefit commitment to $1,597,077. The decision is in line with company’s total commitment of $56.1 Million in charity care and community benefit services will have $9,582,462 over the six-year term of the conditions.

In addition to $9.35 Million of annual charity care, Prime agreed to continue a ongoing generous charity care policies in the State, which has a charity care eligibility of 400% of the federal poverty level and a discounted care eligibility of 600% of the federal poverty level. The total amount exceeds the amount of $6.75 Million for previous full year charity care provided in St Francis .

Prime Healthcare’s MD and CEO of Region I, Sunny Bhatia said, “Prime Healthcare is honored to continue the legacy of St. Francis Medical Center, an indispensable community partner comprised of committed doctors, nurses, and staff dedicated to saving lives and serving all those in need.”