About Bloomcare Rowan Garth Care Village

Situated a short distance from Liverpool city centre amidst beautiful scenery in the quiet community of Anfield, Bloomcare Rowan Garth Care Village is a purpose-built residential nursing home that provides a range of long and short-term residency options.

Bloomcare Rowan Garth is spread across five individual buildings, each focussing on a particular specialised type of care, from respite and convalescence care to dementia care and palliative care.

All of the buildings are designed with a special emphasis on privacy and comfort, incorporating generously sized bedrooms; bright, spacious lounge areas; and beautiful outdoor spaces, including the main garden with its rolling lawns. In addition, there is also a sensory garden, as well as plenty of patio space. Indeed, Bloomcare Rowan Garth residents cite the sensory garden as their favourite place to relax with visiting friends or family.

The Bloomcare Rowan Garth Care Village team is led by General Manager Jewin Edwin. Having worked in the healthcare sector for more than 16 years, Mr Edwin began his career as a nurse in a University Hospital overseas. He subsequently relocated to the UK, where he attended Glyndwr University, graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree in Health Studies. He subsequently worked in management roles within the care industry, achieving Gold Standard Framework Accreditation. Focussed and passionate about elderly care, Jewin Edwin is committed to delivering excellence, operating with the ethos that the care industry chose him due to his passion for helping the elderly to have a fulfilling and good quality of life in their later years.

At Bloomcare Rowan Garth, clients are spoilt for choice in terms of beautiful spaces in which to dine, exercise, relax or pursue their hobbies and interests. The Care Village has been built with an emphasis on facilitating the best care possible, with all areas and bedrooms boasting easy wheelchair access. To make service users feel as comfortable as possible, Bloomcare staff invite them to choose how they would like their bedroom decorated and furnished, recognising the importance of personalisation in making each resident feel comfortable in their new home.

Christian values underpin all of Bloomcare Rowan Garth’s operations and activities. The company takes a person-centric approach to healthcare, creating custom care plans for each client tailored to their individual needs and wants.

Bloomcare sees the start of each residency as the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the client’s life, maintaining a family-and friends-informed approach to building care plans that focus not only on improving longevity but also on enhancing quality of life. Bloomcare Rowan Garth is committed to creating an environment that enables clients to express their true selves and follow their own interests and passions, enabling them to continue to live with integrity, dignity and the level of independence they need.

To keep things fun an interesting, Bloomcare Rowan Garth runs a weekly programme of events ranging from demonstrations and talks from locals willing to share their time to day trips and excursions. Local performers regularly visit the Care Village, entertaining service users with songs, dance and sketches.

Bloomcare recognises that even simple daily pleasures such as cooking, taking a stroll, feeding the birds and gardening can have an enormous impact on a person’s wellbeing, helping them to maintain a healthy state of physical and mental health. With this in mind, the care provider runs personalised activity programmes alongside its regular activities schedule, accommodating interests in daily routines to enable residents to keep up with the hobbies that bring them pleasure.

Bloomcare Rowan Garth is committed to ensuring its clients can continue to live in the way they choose. The Care Village caters for a wide variety of interests, hobbies and lifestyle choices to ensure that residents feel at home, staging regular social events, entertainment and cultural experiences while catering for clients’ existing interests and introducing them to new ones.

When an individual moves into a care home, it doesn’t mean that their life and routine needs to change drastically. Recognising that independence is an essential element of any health care plan, Bloomcare operates with the ethos that life should be celebrated, even during a care residency. To this end, Bloomcare Rowan Garth assesses residents based on their unique abilities rather than their limitations, celebrating their achievements on a daily basis. The Bloomcare team encourages all residents to complete at least one daily task, whether it’s something as straightforward as choosing their outfit for the day or something more challenging like learning a new language.

Recognising how important friends and family are to each resident, Bloomcare Rowan Garth encourages residents to remain involved in family events and celebrations to whatever possible extent. The care provider works side-by-side with families, learning more about each client and the care they need from the loved ones who know them best.

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