After 9 years Naogaon District Volunteer League conference started

Triennial Conference of Naogaon District Awami Volunteer League has started. Acting president of Swachhasebak League Gazi Mejbaul Hossain (Sacchu) inaugurated this conference at Naogaon Naojwan ground at around 12 noon on Sunday. As this conference is after 9 years, there is a festive mood among the leaders and workers of Awami League affiliates around the conference.

According to party sources, the last conference of Naogaon District Awami Volunteer League was held on September 20, 2013. In that conference, a new committee was formed with Nasim Ahmed as the president and Omar Farooq as the general secretary. Although the conference was supposed to be held after three years, no conference was held in the last 9 years.

Awami League joint general secretary AFM Bahauddin Nashim is present as the chief guest in the conference. The chief speaker of the conference was the General Secretary of the Volunteers League, AKM Afzalur Rahman. Apart from this, Food Minister and Naogaon District Awami League General Secretary Sadhan Chandra Majumdar, Naogaon District Awami League President Abdul Malek, Parliamentarians Nizam Uddin Jalil, Chalim Uddin Tarafdar, Anwar Hossain and others are present as special guests.

Ever since the date of the conference was announced, rumors started about who is coming to the new leadership of this subsidiary organization of Awami League in Naogaon. The rumblings could end with a direct vote at the council meeting today or a new leadership formed based on councillors’ opinions.

In the conference, the names of several candidates for the post of president and secretary are heard. In support of the aspirant leaders, banners-festoons, billboards covered the conference venue, important roads and various intersections of the city. On the occasion of the conference, party leaders and workers from different upazilas of the district started coming to the conference venue with banners and festoons.

According to party sources, there are seven aspirants for the post of president and eight aspirants for the post of general secretary. The president aspirants are Shahjahan Siraj, Russell Ahmed, Rubel Ahmed, Sarwar Tamjid, Jahangir Alam, Abdus Sabur and Abdul Bari. Aspirants for the post of General Secretary are Noor Mohammad, Rahad Imtiaz, Haider Habib, Tariqul Islam, Talukder Azam, Aminul Islam, Sohail Rana and Manik Khan. The aspirants for the post of president and general secretary are all leaders of the District Volunteer League and Chhatra League.

Abul Kalam Azad, convener of the conference preparation committee and acting president of Naogaon District Awami Volunteers League, said that if there is no agreement, the leadership will be elected by direct vote of the councillors. 342 councilors will vote in the conference.

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