Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Appreciates Corporate Employees to Work from Home Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) slightly down 0.61% in early trading session on Thursday as the firm reported that it doesn’t plan to order corporate employees to return to the office. CEO of Jassy said on stage Wednesday at the Code Conference in Los Angeles that they don’t have a plan to require people to come back. They don’t right now. But they are going to proceed adaptively as they learn.

Amazon tech workers were told to work from home in early 2020 as the coronavirus spread rapidly. In October, Jassy said Amazon would leave it up to individual managers to decide how often workers would be required to come into the office, which marked a sharp reversal from its earlier goal of returning to an “office-centric culture.

According to Jassy, most staff has returned to real workplaces and is working from home on certain days. Certain teams tend to be at the office more regularly, such as hardware or creative units, while others, such as engineers, continue to operate mostly remotely, he noted.

Jassy added, “I do believe there are some things that are more difficult to execute remotely. “I think it’s a bit more difficult to innovate remotely.”

Jassy has stated that the Covid-19 outbreak might have a long-term impact on how offices are used, saying that it has already influenced how Amazon employs staff. For example, Amazon is now more open to remote work, and will hire staff from any region, rather than only focusing on locations where it has “critical mass,” he added.

Amazon’s stance on remote employment differs from that of several of its major competitors. Google began forcing most employees to come to physical offices at least three days per week in April, which sparked some opposition among staff. Apple has instructed certain of its staff to report to work three days a week beginning this month.

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