Android Emergency SOS Feature Plagued by Accidental Calls, Posing Challenges for Emergency Services

Android Emergency SOS Feature Causes Accidental Calls, Puts Strain on Emergency Services

A Double-Edged Sword: The Rise of Emergency SOS

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones and wearables, the Emergency SOS feature has emerged as a potentially life-saving tool. Designed to simplify access to emergency services during crises, it has been integrated into Android devices, including Google’s own Pixel phones. By rapidly pressing the power button, users can trigger a countdown that automatically dials for help. While the intention behind this feature is commendable, recent incidents have highlighted some unintended consequences.

Accidental Calls and their Consequences

However, this well-intentioned feature has not been without its flaws. In recent times, Android users have been inadvertently triggering emergency calls, overwhelming communication centers and potentially delaying assistance for those genuinely in need. These accidental calls, often silent in nature, not only burden emergency services but also consume significant resources. Instances of emergency call centers spending up to 20 minutes handling such calls have been reported by police forces in the UK, including Devon and Cornwall Police.

United Kingdom’s Growing Concerns

The UK’s National Police Chiefs Council has raised concerns over the growing number of silent emergency calls, attributing them, in part, to the widespread availability of the Emergency SOS feature on Android phones. With each silent call tying up valuable resources, emergency services face challenges in efficiently attending to genuine emergencies. As authorities sound the alarm, Google finds itself under scrutiny, tasked with resolving this issue.

Google’s Response and Expectations

In response to mounting concerns, Google has stated that it expects device manufacturers to address this problem through software updates. The tech giant has pledged to assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in preventing accidental emergency calls by providing them with additional guidance and resources. Google recognizes the seriousness of the situation and urges users who have experienced this issue to disable the Emergency SOS feature temporarily.

A Global Issue: Warnings from Canada and Europe

The problem extends beyond the borders of the UK. Android expert Mishaal Rahman highlights warnings from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia, shedding light on the global extent of accidental emergency calls. Similarly, the European Emergency Number Association reports a surge in false Emergency SOS calls originating from Android devices. The issue demands attention and resolution on an international scale.

Persistent Problems Despite Updates

Despite efforts to rectify the situation, it appears that the problem has persisted even after the release of Android 13, indicating that the Emergency SOS feature’s deployment in Android 12 may have introduced underlying issues. The continued occurrence of accidental calls suggests that further improvements and refinements are needed to ensure the feature functions as intended, without burdening emergency services.


How does the Android Emergency SOS feature work?

By rapidly pressing the power button, Android users can trigger a countdown that automatically dials emergency services.

What are the consequences of accidental emergency calls?

Accidental calls overwhelm communication centers, resulting in “silent” calls that burden emergency services and potentially delay assistance for genuine emergencies.

Why are there concerns in the UK about the Emergency SOS feature?

The UK’s National Police Chiefs Council attributes a record number of silent emergency calls to the widespread availability of the feature on Android phones, leading to resource strain and delayed responses to real emergencies.

How is Google addressing the accidental emergency calls issue?

Google expects device manufacturers to release updates to resolve the problem, and the company is providing guidance and resources to OEMs to prevent further accidental calls.

Is accidental emergency calling an issue globally?

Yes, warnings from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia and reports from the European Emergency Number Association indicate that accidental emergency calls from Android devices are a problem beyond the UK.

Key Statistics: The Impact of Accidental Emergency Calls Table:

UK (Devon and Cornwall)Handling each call takes up to 20 minutes
UK (National level)Record number of 999 calls due to Emergency SOS
Canada (British Columbia)Royal Canadian Mounted Police issues warnings
Europe (European Union)Surge in false Emergency SOS calls from Android



With the rise of accidental emergency calls stemming from Android devices, the commendable goal of simplifying access to emergency services has faced unintended challenges. The burden on emergency communication centers, potential delays in attending genuine emergencies, and the strain on resources have raised concerns globally. While Google has vowed to assist device manufacturers in resolving this issue, it remains to be seen how quickly a solution can be implemented to ensure the Emergency SOS feature operates effectively, providing genuine help in times of need.


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