Apple employee organization set up website AppleToo to expose company sexual harassment and discrimination

On August 24, according to foreign media reports, the Apple employee organization today launched a website called AppleToo. The goal is to collect instances of unfair treatment such as sexual harassment and discrimination faced by employees at all levels in the company.


The website wrote: “Apple has avoided public scrutiny for too long. For many Apple employees, the culture of secrecy has created an opaque and intimidating bastion. We have exhausted all internal avenues and talked to management. , I have also looked for a human team, but nothing has changed.” The website “AppleToo” was launched on Monday, and only about 15 current and former Apple employees directly participated in the organization.


This effort has been supported by organizers, such as Timnit Gebru, who worked at Apple before joining Google in 2018. In December 2020, after Gebru was abruptly fired by Google, she disclosed her experience of racism and discrimination at Google, but she never publicly talked about her time at Apple. Now, she has stepped up and said: “I have experienced a lot of shocking things while working at Apple. I am very happy to see that Apple’s workers are organizing.”


Since its launch, 8 Apple employees have shared their stories through the website.

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