Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Desires To Double Workforce For Digital Advertisement as Ready to Release iPhone 14

Apple Inc. (NASDQ:AAPL) slightly up in pre trading session on Tuesday as the tech giant is planning an New iPhone extravaganza coming months. Apple Inc. gets ready to unveil its newest smartphone, Samsung is returning to a live, in-person launch event for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak.

On the other side, less than year and half year after introducing significant privacy restrictions that crippled its larger rivals in the lucrative market, Apple wants to roughly double the men power in its rapidly expanding digital advertising company.

At the presentation, the California-based Corporation is rumored to introduce four new iPhone models. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, as well as two Max or plus-size variations of each handset, will be among them. Apple may also announce improvements to any of its other devices, like a “Pro” Apple Watch model. You might anticipate a delay of a few days between the event and the start of sales once Apple does show its new phones.

Pre-orders for the next iPhone models are anticipated to open on Friday, September 9. In past years, certain products appeared later in the year and enthusiasts had to wait a little longer. The tech giant will put its new iPhone models on sale on September 16, the Friday after its big presentation.

According to LinkedIn, the iPhone manufacturer’s ad platforms team consists of roughly 250 employees. Apple is seeking candidates for an additional 216 of these positions; nearly quadrupling the number it was searching for in late 2020. Since Apple’s privacy policies were introduced last year and upset the $400 billion digital advertising business, making it impossible to target advertisements to Apple’s 1 billion+ iPhone users, the digital advertising industry has been on edge about Apple’s advertising aspirations.

Despite other contributing causes, since the policy’s implementation, Twitter, Snap, and Facebook parent company Meta have lost billions of dollars in income and a far larger amount in market value. The effects of Apple’s modifications were “truly nearly like a worldwide panic,” according to Jade Arenstein, global service lead at Incubeta, a South African marketing performance business. A job posting claims that Apple’s once-nascent advertising division is now “extremely fast-growing.” According to research firm Evercore ISI, Apple will have a $30 billion ad company in four years, up from just a few hundred million dollars in sales in the late 2010s to roughly $5 billion this year.

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