Birdman Net Worth, Career Life and others Facts to Read in 2022!

Bryan Christopher Williams known as Birdman is a musical artist and entrepreneur with a net worth of $150 million. He started Cash Money Records with his brother Slim Williams in 1991, which now represents such notable acts as Lil Wayne (among others).

About Birdman:

Net Worth:

$150 Million

Date of Birth:

Feb 15, 1969 (53 years old)




5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)


Entrepreneur, Record producer, Rapper, Musician


United States of America


Early life

When asked to summarize his life in one word, Bryan Christopher Brooks said “ambitious.” The son of Johnnie Williams and Gladys (N unforgivingly) Birdman was born on Feb 15, 1969. He spent most formative years living with family members, including an apartment above a bar owned by a dad who worked long hours there while his mother went down to the cellar for groceries or washed dishes after dinner. Sometimes, he’d come upstairs carrying small grocery bags that could barely hold all those healthy foods that would keep getting bought but never last more than two days before being thrown away because nobody had time anymore.

The Brooks children were returned to New Orleans when they rejoined the family. They spent two years in foster care after returning home. Their father began a lawsuit after learning his children were being adopted, and he won custody of them. When Birdman’s stepmother Patricia couldn’t take any more pressure from all this legal battling over who would eventually get what part or plaque at home (no one knew). She sent him off with some clothes on his back–to live somewhere else entirely-but, not before changing both their names, leaving behind just enough money so that if ever needed later down the road, they could find their way back home.

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Cash Money Records

When Birdman escaped prison, he and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams began noticing the emerging bounce sub-genre. This type of dancing music was popular in New Orleans nightclubs at that period for young people looking to dance Preservation Hall style with heavy bass lines played by DJs on boom boxes or laptops. At the same time, they were wearing masking tape over their faces not to be identified by police bulletins during Mardi Gras celebrations.

The Cash Money brothers had no experience running a record label or working in the music industry. Still, they did have around $100K of startup capital which may have been drug money provided by their half-brother Terrence. Williams – founder and leader behind Hot Boys’ notorious drug crew, is known for distributing crack cocaine throughout southern states, including Louisiana, where both artists grew up poverty-stricken before making it big time.

Ronald and Bryan, both rappers, started Cash Money Records as a reference to the recently released film New Jack City. In this movie, Wesley Snipes plays an NYC gangster with two brothers that are also involved in crime. Still, they live on Long Island, where their father was from, so it’s kind of like how he got his start low-key before becoming a very wealthy man commodities trader named “Slim,” played by rapper Birdman (real name: Burkhalter).

Universal Records Deal

Several record companies were pursuing Cash Money to forge a partnership or straight-out acquisition. Their timing couldn’t have been better as Sony and Universal Music were in an all-out battle for market share, but Cash Money ended up signing with the winner -UMG– which offered Ronald & Birdman a $30 million contract (their first deal). The bold move gave them ownership over their masters, which no other artist had ever achieved! So instead of just getting pennies on every album sold like most labels would do at that time ($1-$5), now they get several dollars per unit; thanks again for our negotiated deal where UMG receives 50%.

When Cash Money Records became Universal’s top label in 2003, it was only a 7% fee for distributing their albums and singles. But as Lil Wayne rose to fame with his number one on the charts later that decade-plus, Nicki Minaj-Drake joined them soon after; this would be more than twice what the two closest competitors could offer combined.

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More Success

In 1998, Birdman got into the rapping game. He formed a group with DJ Mannie Fresh called The Big Tymers and released their debut album; how do you love that? In 2002 he signed to Sony Music Entertainment, becoming one of Cash Money’s most famous artists at this point, but after BG and Juvenile left the label in 2002, he became the CEO of Cash Money Records.

In 2004, Lil’ Wayne released his second studio album, Tha Carter. It was both critically and commercially successful. The album peaked at three on the Billboard 200 list despite being released in 2005; this shows how much talent he has as an artistically talented person who also knows what makes money go round. In 2005 Birdman followed up with his second release of Fast Money (an eponymous mixtape) that same year, debuting near-miss #9 slot overall but still managed enough listeners to land them verification from Cash money records.

The most commercially successful label in hip-hop history is Cash Money Records, which has sold 50 million records. At its peak, Cash Money pulled $100 million per year from sales and distribution deals alone! One of their biggest successes came when they launched an oil venture called Bronald Oil that only lasted for a short time before shutting down due to a lack of funds or success?

Personal life

Birdman is the closest thing to a brother I’ve ever had. He’s been there for me through everything – even if he weren’t related by blood, you would still feel like family with someone who has shared your life experiences and gone through what we have. It doesn’t matter how often they kill somebody or get killed themselves; it will never change our relationship as long as one person understands that this man cares about his loved ones.

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Birdman lost 20 houses and 50 automobiles, including two Maybachs. He is frequently seen wearing a lot of jewelry worth millions of dollars, including a 15-carat black diamond ring with matching earrings to go along his $500k grill on teeth for an impressive look that will keep people intimidated.

Real Estate

Hip hop producer Scott Storch paid $10.5 million in 2006, only to lose it all when his mortgage was foreclosed on after blowing through what had once been a peak fortune of $70+million – but not anymore! Entrepreneur Russell Weiner bought the house out-of- foreclosure from an abandoned bank ten years ago for barely more than 6M USD2 years later; then he sold Birdman rights belonging demised at 14500 bitcoin3 (BTC).

In January 2018, a bank threatened to evict Birdman from the 20k square-foot waterfront mansion he had been renting for more than $20 million per year. He immediately tried selling it but had no takers, so eventually got down below the asking price at 16900 dollars, then 15 M+, accepting 10999s in November 2019 when they finally agreed on terms after months of negotiations, and after, there was another suit filed against him over back rent owed related his current home

Birdman Net worth

The total net worth of Birdman is estimated at $150 Million as of 2022.

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