Cameroonian Tennis Academy Offers Hope and Opportunities to Underprivileged Young Players

A Dream Awakens at the Oyebog Tennis Academy


At the Oyebog Tennis Academy in Souza, Cameroon, dreams are nurtured, and talents are honed. For Manantsop Delisle, a fourteen-year-old tennis prodigy, this academy has become her gateway to success. Rising early at 5 a.m. each day, she joins nine other girls and twenty-two boys to embark on a rigorous schedule of workouts, practice sessions, and school classes. Inspired by her idol Serena Williams, Delisle envisions a future where she emulates her hero’s greatness.


A Meeting of Determination and Talent


Delisle’s journey began when she caught the attention of Joseph Oyebog, the founder of the academy and a former national champion himself. Even at the tender age of eight, Delisle’s passion for the sport was evident, and Oyebog was captivated by her unwavering dedication. Recognizing the lack of access to tennis facilities in the local communities, Oyebog established the academy in 1999, with a vision to support talented youth and offer them opportunities they would not otherwise have.


Empowering Communities through Tennis


The Oyebog Tennis Academy has been a beacon of hope for approximately 12,000 young individuals who have studied at its 25 centers. Oyebog’s altruistic motive was to share his love for tennis with underprivileged children, providing them with an opportunity to thrive. With support from generous donors, primarily from the United States, the academy offers tennis training at little or no cost. Through this philanthropic endeavor, Oyebog aims to ensure that every child has access to basic necessities such as nutritious meals, clean water, and a safe space to play and study.


From Local Success to Global Recognition


The impact of the academy goes beyond its immediate beneficiaries. Graduates have gone on to win scholarships for further training abroad, while over 20 academy trainees have achieved International Tennis Federation rankings. The success stories of these individuals serve as testament to the academy’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing avenues for young players to excel. Oyebog himself transformed from playing on an improvised court in his mother’s backyard to competing in national tournaments and representing his country in the prestigious Davis Cup.


A Mother’s Gratitude


Nathalie Diffouo, the mother of Manantsop Delisle, expresses profound gratitude to the Oyebog Tennis Academy for the opportunities it has afforded her daughter. Despite their struggle to make ends meet, the academy’s support has propelled Delisle to victories, including a national championship in the age 13-15 category. Diffouo acknowledges that without the academy’s assistance, realizing her daughter’s potential would have been an insurmountable challenge.


A Legacy of Giving Back


Joseph Oyebog’s dedication to nurturing young talent and empowering communities has left an indelible mark. His journey from humble beginnings to professional success on the ATP international circuit inspired him to create a platform for others to follow their dreams. Oyebog’s mission to provide opportunities for underprivileged youth resonates through the success stories of academy graduates and the transformative impact on their lives.


A Bright Future Beckons


As Manantsop Delisle continues to pursue her dreams at the Oyebog Tennis Academy, her story symbolizes the hope and possibilities that lie within each young player who walks through its doors. With each passing day, the academy’s mission to foster talent, empower communities, and offer a chance for a better future gains momentum. Through tennis, these underprivileged youth find not only an avenue for personal growth but also the belief that they too can make a mark on the world.



The Oyebog Tennis Academy stands as a testament to the power of dedication, opportunity, and the transformative impact of sport. Through the remarkable stories of Manantsop Delisle and other talented young players, the academy showcases the potential that can be unlocked when passion is combined with support. With Joseph Oyebog’s vision and the generosity of donors, this Cameroonian tennis academy continues to uplift underprivileged youth, providing them with a pathway to success and inspiring hope for a brighter future.

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