ChromoGenics Appoints Anne-Marie Gullman as Interim CFO and Head of Investor Relations

ChromoGenics, the innovative proptech company known for its production of smart dynamic glass, has announced a significant change in its executive team. Effective from June 12, 2023, Anne-Marie Gullman will be taking on the roles of interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Head of Investor Relations. This appointment comes as ChromoGenics continues to make strides in revolutionizing indoor environments, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing the carbon footprint of buildings. With her extensive experience in finance and a strong educational background, Gullman brings valuable expertise to guide the company’s financial strategies and strengthen investor relations.


Enhancing Financial Expertise and Investor Relations:

As ChromoGenics embraces a new phase of growth and development, the appointment of Anne-Marie Gullman as interim CFO and Head of Investor Relations highlights the company’s commitment to securing financial stability and fostering investor confidence. Gullman’s rich professional background, which includes roles as Finance Manager and CFO, equips her with the necessary skills to navigate complex financial landscapes and drive sustainable growth.


Driving Financial Strategy and Decision-making:

In her new capacity, Gullman will play a pivotal role in shaping ChromoGenics’ financial strategies and decision-making processes. With her deep understanding of finance and economics, Gullman will contribute to optimizing the company’s financial performance and identifying opportunities for long-term success. Her expertise will be instrumental in ensuring efficient resource allocation, cost management, and profitability, enabling ChromoGenics to maintain its position as a frontrunner in the proptech industry.


Emphasizing Investor Relations and Communication:

In addition to her role as CFO, Gullman will also oversee investor relations, a critical aspect of the company’s growth trajectory. Effective communication and transparency are vital in maintaining strong relationships with investors and stakeholders. By leveraging her experience and expertise, Gullman will foster open lines of communication, provide timely and accurate financial information, and address investors’ concerns, ultimately fortifying trust in ChromoGenics’ business model and its potential for long-term value creation.


Anne-Marie Gullman’s Background and Qualifications:

Anne-Marie Gullman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ChromoGenics. Holding a degree in economics from Karlstad University and a master’s degree in economics from Stockholm University, her academic foundation aligns perfectly with the financial intricacies of the company. Gullman’s previous roles as Finance Manager and CFO have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of financial management, risk assessment, and strategic planning, making her a valuable addition to the ChromoGenics team.


ChromoGenics’ Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation:

ChromoGenics’ core mission revolves around creating sustainable and innovative solutions for indoor environments. The company’s groundbreaking product, ConverLight® Dynamic, utilizes a patented technology developed at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala. By applying electrochromic coatings onto plastic film, ChromoGenics creates a dynamic glass film that can be laminated between glass layers. This innovative approach not only provides excellent solar protection and improved indoor comfort but also significantly reduces energy consumption and environmental impact associated with traditional glass production and transportation.


Expanding Market Reach and Collaborations:

One of the key advantages of ChromoGenics’ dynamic film technology is its ease of transport and application by local partners in the glass industry. This localized approach minimizes the need for long-distance shipping of bulky glass, reducing both costs and the company’s carbon footprint. By expanding its network of partnerships and collaborations, ChromoGenics can extend its market reach and offer sustainable solutions to a wider range of customers, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.


Environment and Health at the Forefront:

ChromoGenics’ commitment to environmental sustainability and occupant well-being is evident in all its products. With a focus on using environmentally friendly materials, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing access to daylight and views, ChromoGenics strives to create indoor spaces that are not only energy-efficient but also conducive to occupants’ health and comfort. By continuously innovating and prioritizing the intersection of environment and health, ChromoGenics sets the standard for sustainable building solutions.



The appointment of Anne-Marie Gullman as interim CFO and Head of Investor Relations marks an important milestone in ChromoGenics’ journey towards financial stability, strategic growth, and sustainable innovation. With Gullman’s extensive experience and expertise, the company is poised to strengthen its financial strategies, enhance investor relations, and further solidify its position as a proptech leader. As ChromoGenics continues to revolutionize indoor environments, it remains committed to its core values of environmental sustainability, occupant health, and technological innovation, paving the way for a greener and more comfortable future.

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