Claressa Shields Strikes Again: Multi-Year Deal with PFL and Aims for Dual Championships

A New Chapter in the Making: Shields Signs with PFL

Opening a thrilling new chapter in her career, boxing world champion Claressa Shields has inked a multi-year contract with MMA promotion, the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Aiming for greatness, the undisputed middleweight boxer last entered the MMA ring in 2021. Her ambitions extend to being a dual champion, and this new agreement paves the path for an extraordinary feat.

Returning to the Octagon: Words from Shields

Expressing her excitement, Shields commented, “I can’t wait to return to the PFL.” Aged 28, she stands at the peak of her boxing career, last defending her titles against Maricela Cornejo. Her aspiration, however, transcends boxing, as she eagerly aims to “be the first athlete to hold championships in both boxing and MMA simultaneously.”

A Legend’s Journey: From Boxing to MMA

Claressa Shields’ name resonates as the best women’s boxer of all time. Making her MMA debut in 2021 with a triumphant victory, she later faced defeat. In her own words, “I have grown so much since my first MMA fight.” Her evolution in both sports adds anticipation for her return to the PFL in 2024.

A Warm Welcome: PFL’s Statement

Announcing the signing, PFL chief Peter Murray stated, “It is a privilege to announce the PFL has re-signed the most dominant women’s boxer in the world, Claressa Shields.” Murray’s pride in welcoming ‘The GWOAT’ (greatest woman of all time) to the PFL underscores the significance of this partnership.

FAQs about Claressa Shields’ New Deal with PFL

Who is Claressa Shields?

Claressa Shields is an undisputed middleweight world champion in boxing and an MMA fighter.

When did she make her MMA debut?

She made her MMA debut in 2021, knocking out Brittney Elkin.

What are her future goals in combat sports?

Her goal is to become the first athlete to hold championships in both boxing and MMA simultaneously.

When is she set to return to PFL?

She is expected to return to action in the PFL in 2024.

What does ‘The GWOAT’ stand for?

‘The GWOAT’ is an acronym for the “greatest woman of all time.”

Key Stats

Last Boxing FightJune (against Maricela Cornejo)
Last MMA Fight2021 (lost to Abigail Montes)
MMA Debut2021 (won against Brittney Elkin)
Planned PFL Return2024
New AgreementMulti-Year Contract with PFL



This extensive news report highlights Claressa Shields’ groundbreaking steps in the combat sports world. The multi-year agreement with PFL, her unique ambitions, and the excitement from both parties are weaving an inspiring narrative that sports enthusiasts will follow closely.

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