Corem Appoints Rutger Arnhult as CEO to Strengthen Balance Sheet and Commercial Focus

Corem, one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Sweden, has announced the appointment of Rutger Arnhult as the new CEO, effective from 16 June 2023. This appointment comes after the current CEO, Eva Landén, was appointed as the Executive Vice President of the company. The Board of Directors of Corem has appointed Rutger Arnhult as the CEO to continue the focus on strengthening the balance sheet through continued divestments enabling reduced debt.


Steady Development of Core Business Amid Difficult Market Conditions


Corem’s core business has developed steadily over the past year through continued activity in property management and lettings operations. Despite the challenging market conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has successfully navigated through difficult market conditions over the past year through divestments and debt repayments, which enabled a strengthened balance sheet while maintaining a continued stable core business.


Divestments and Debt Repayments: Priorities for Stronger Balance Sheet


The company’s priorities have been divestments and debt repayments in order to strengthen the balance sheet, focusing on securing long-term, resilient finances. With the appointment of Rutger Arnhult as CEO, the company’s focus will remain on the same objectives. Rutger Arnhult’s industry knowledge and business acumen create an even stronger management team that is well suited to position Corem for the future.


Continued Focus on Resilient Financing and Commercial Focus


According to Patrik Essehorn, the Chairman of the Board of Corem, Rutger Arnhult’s mission is to continue to prioritize efforts to enable long-term resilient financing while also strengthening the company’s commercial focus. This reflects the company’s commitment to positioning itself for future success in the competitive commercial real estate market in Sweden.


Long-Term Commitment to Corem


Rutger Arnhult has a long-term commitment to Corem and is excited to take on the CEO role to strengthen the company’s position as a leading commercial real estate company. His full focus will be to ensure that Corem is well positioned to continue to manage challenging market conditions and capture opportunities as market conditions improve. His appointment as CEO reflects his expertise and leadership qualities that will undoubtedly add value to the company.




The appointment of Rutger Arnhult as CEO of Corem is a positive development for the company as it continues to strengthen its balance sheet through divestments and focus on commercial operations. The steady development of the core business amid difficult market conditions is a testament to the company’s resilience and ability to adapt to changing market conditions. With Rutger Arnhult’s industry knowledge and business acumen, Corem is well-positioned for future success in the competitive commercial real estate market in Sweden.

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