Cygnet Health Care Adopts the Lightfoot Scheme as Part of Sustainability Efforts

Cygnet Health Care is proud to particate in the Lightfoot scheme, an initiative that rewards better drivers. Lightfoot is a revolutionary driver tracking and fleet management platform that helps companies reduce their fleet’s environmental impact, as well as helping to reduce accident rates and incidences of dangerous driving while minimising driver risk and lowering operational costs.

On every journey, Lightfoot scores the driver on how well they have driven. Drivers who achieve a score of 85% plus earn Elite Driver status, putting them in the top 3% of drivers in terms of fuel efficiency and smoothness and presenting them with the opportunity to win prizes and rewards.

As drivers get to know Lightfoot, they usually hear from it less and less as the scheme helps them to adopt better driving habits. At the end of the journey, when they turn off the engine, drivers receive their score, earning Elite Driving status if they achieve a score of 85% or more.

A Lightfoot penalty is imposed if the driver ignores two warnings and fails to pull the engine back to its ‘sweet spot’. Penalties show in the journey data as a little red marker. If a single penalty shows on a journey, this suggests that the driver was not driving within the engine’s sweet spot at the time.

If a driver fails to drive as smoothly as they could, the Lightfoot system issues a ‘nudge’. If the driver fails to heed the first nudge, Lightfoot issues a second, warning them that they will receive a penalty if they do not ease off the accelerator. Nudges are confidential between the driver and Lightfoot, but penalties show up on weekly reports seen by management.

Cygnet Health Care is operating the scheme as part of its Sustainability Strategy. It is an integral component in its Strategic Plan 2022-2027, which sets out several ambitious sustainability goals. Cygnet Health Care has already taken steps to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, having procured 100% renewable electricity across its services since 2021. The organisation has also set the target of achieving net zero carbon direct and indirect emissions by 2035 and net zero carbon emissions throughout its supply chain by 2045.

Having earned a strong reputation for developing pioneering services, Cygnet Health Care provides outstanding outcomes for individuals in its care. Since it was founded in 1988, Cygnet Health Care has grown its service offering to provide a full spectrum of support for individuals diagnosed with autism, learning disabilities and mental health needs in the United Kingdom.

On 15th November 2022, Cygnet Health Care staged its first Cygnet Staff Achievement Awards. The event was an important opportunity for the company to recognise and celebrate the dedication and hard work of Cygnet colleagues.

Cygnet Heath Care was created with the mission of working together to create a positive culture of honesty, inclusivity and openness, delivering safe, high quality and compassionate care for service users while simultaneously providing staff with a fulfilling and rewarding working environment.

Cygnet Health Care’s values are to care for its service users, staff and visitors, showing them respect and building a bond of trust. At all times, Cygnet Health Care’s aim is to empower those in its care as well as its staff, delivering quality services with integrity.

One of the UK’s leading care providers today, Cygnet Health Care has been recognised with several prestigious industry awards, including winning a Best Use of Audio Award at the Recruitment Marketing Awards 2022 and being named a Top 20 Rated Small Care Home Group in the UK at the Care Home Group Awards 2022.

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