Ducati launches Foldable Electric Bicycle MG-20: sell 11,000, run 50 kilometers

Ducati released a Foldable Electric Bicycle MG-20

On May 30, according to overseas media reports, Ducati, the world’s fastest and most powerful motorcycle manufacturer, recently released a folding point electric bicycle MG-20.

MG-20 – Foldable Electric Bicycle:

The MG-20 is Ducati’s first foldable electric bicycle. Its shape is very publicized. The mainframe is shaped like a lightning bolt, while the rear wheel fenders are raised high, which is extraordinarily “bohemian”.

According to official news, the MG-20 is designed for urban travel. The frame, fork and rim are made entirely of magnesium, which helps reduce the weight of the bike. Magnesium is both light and strong enough to withstand a crash. Good resistance to shock.

This electric bicycle has a sleek and aerodynamic shape and strong rim lines, rich in “racing genes”, it is equipped with a 250W rear motor, combined with a 36V, 10.5Ah Samsung battery, at the top speed At 25 km/h, the battery life can reach 50 km .

In addition, the power battery is built into the frame and can be easily taken out for charging at home or in the office, but it is not recommended for everyone, after all, there are certain risks in charging the battery at home.

In order to ensure the safety of riding at night, the car is also equipped with LED lights and wheel reflective strips.

So how much will Ducati’s first folding electric car sell for? The official offer is 1,599 euros (about 11,000 yuan) .

It would be very cool for a chauffeur to ride such a motorcycle, but the price is really not cheap, after all, this is Ducati.

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