Elkem ASA Acquires VUM, Expanding Capacities and Enhancing Specialty Markets

Elkem ASA, a leading global company in the production of advanced materials, has recently completed the acquisition of VUM, a prominent Slovak producer of carbon materials. This strategic move by Elkem aims to bolster its capabilities, enhance its presence in specialty markets, and fortify its supply chain. The acquisition is projected to generate an estimated additional annual turnover of around NOK 360 million for Elkem. With this transaction, Elkem reinforces its commitment to growth, specialization, and delivering value to its customers.


Expanding Capacities and Competence:

VUM, founded in 1954, operates a state-of-the-art facility near the town of Žiar nad Hronom in Slovakia. With approximately 65 dedicated employees, the company has established itself as an independent producer of carbon-based materials used in industrial smelters. These materials include anode paste, electrode paste, ramming paste, and recarburisers, which play a vital role in supporting global metal production. By acquiring VUM, Elkem significantly boosts its production capacities and gains access to central and eastern European markets.


A Strategic Vision for Growth:

Elkem’s Senior Vice President for Carbon Solutions, Luiz Simao, emphasizes that the acquisition of VUM aligns perfectly with Elkem’s growth and specialization strategy. The transaction enhances Elkem’s position in the central and eastern European markets, fostering improved collaboration with industry professionals in Slovakia. Simao expresses enthusiasm for working alongside their new colleagues and further enhancing the joint value proposition offered to customers. Elkem plans to capitalize on synergies, optimize its value chain, and leverage existing production capabilities to serve other lucrative export markets.


Innovation and Expertise:

VUM’s calcining technology, based on rotary kilns furnaces, provides Elkem with added flexibility in handling various raw materials. Furthermore, the research and development conducted by VUM will contribute valuable competence and knowledge to Elkem’s carbon competence center in Norway. Slovakia’s electricity generation, primarily sourced from emissions-free nuclear and hydropower, aligns with Elkem’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly operations. With Elkem’s resources and industry expertise, VUM can expect improvements in efficiency, value offering, and economies of scale.


Advantages of Vertical Integration:

Elkem’s unique position as both a producer and consumer of carbon solutions grants the company a competitive edge in delivering high-quality products and superior technical support. This synergy enables Elkem to assist customer operations in enhancing electrode management and refining processes. Elkem has been a leading technology provider and supplier of specialty carbon products to the pyro-metallurgical industry since the invention of the Søderberg electrode in 1919. The acquisition of VUM further solidifies Elkem’s commitment to innovation, growth, and providing tailored solutions to partners and customers.


Transition and Future Operations:

Following the completion of the transaction, VUM will be rebranded and operate under the name Elkem Carbon AS, serving as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elkem ASA. The current management team of VUM will continue to lead the operations, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of expertise. Elkem’s investment in VUM reflects its dedication to expanding business operations sustainably and aligning with its long-term vision.



Elkem ASA’s acquisition of VUM, a leading Slovak producer of carbon materials, marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth strategy. By expanding capacities and competence, Elkem enhances its foothold in specialty markets and strengthens its supply chain flexibility. The acquisition is expected to generate substantial additional turnover for Elkem, contributing to the company’s continued success. With its focus on innovation, sustainability, and delivering value to customers, Elkem ASA remains committed to being an industry leader in carbon solutions.

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