Encare Secures EUR 1.5 Million Funding for Global Expansion and Enhanced Surgical Care

Encare, the Swedish health tech company, has successfully secured EUR 1.5 million in funding to fuel its expansion plans and revolutionize surgical care worldwide. The funding will be utilized to support Encare’s continued growth, product development, and entry into new international markets, ultimately working toward the company’s mission of improving patient outcomes and saving lives.


Empowering Healthcare Providers with Enhanced Surgical Solutions:

Encare’s innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution empowers healthcare providers to implement best practices for surgical care, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes and minimized complications. By adhering to internationally recognized treatment guidelines known as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®), healthcare providers can significantly reduce complications, expedite patient recovery, and shorten hospital stays. This revolutionary solution has the potential to prevent avoidable deaths and complications, leading to substantial cost savings for the global healthcare industry.


Impressive Market Presence and Growth:

With a strong market presence, Encare already serves over 150 hospitals worldwide, and its growth has been remarkable, exceeding 30% in the past year alone. Building upon this success, the recently raised capital will be strategically allocated to expand sales to existing customers and acquire new ones. Furthermore, Encare is committed to prioritizing product development to cater to specific market needs, ensuring it stays at the forefront of surgical care innovation. This strategic approach will pave the way for the company’s expansion into new key international markets, including the United States.


CEO Rasmus Waller’s Perspective:

Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support from investors, Encare’s CEO, Rasmus Waller, emphasized the company’s dedication to positively impact the lives of millions of surgical patients worldwide. Through the implementation of best practices in surgical care, Encare aims to reduce the number of preventable deaths and complications during surgeries. The latest funding round will enable Encare to continue its expansion and mission-driven work, ultimately revolutionizing the way surgeries are conducted.


A Visionary Solution with Far-Reaching Implications:

Encare’s SaaS solution revolutionizes surgical care by providing an interactive platform that supports healthcare providers at every stage of the patient care continuum. From the initial diagnosis and preparation to surgery and rehabilitation, Encare’s solution ensures adherence to international treatment guidelines, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. This comprehensive approach not only saves lives but also minimizes complications and reduces healthcare costs, making it a game-changer for the global healthcare industry.


Support from Existing Shareholders and New Investors:

Encare’s recent funding round saw the active participation of existing shareholders, along with new investors brought in through the Sciety network. This collaboration between established and new stakeholders highlights the confidence and belief in Encare’s vision and potential to make a lasting impact in the field of surgical care. The combination of industry expertise and fresh perspectives will further propel Encare’s growth and ensure its solutions reach a wider global audience.



Encare’s recent EUR 1.5 million funding achievement marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to transform surgical care and improve patient outcomes worldwide. With a market presence in over 150 hospitals and a track record of exceptional growth, Encare is well-positioned to revolutionize the way surgeries are conducted, reduce complications, and save lives. The funding will play a crucial role in supporting the company’s expansion into new international markets and driving further product development, ultimately realizing Encare’s mission to positively impact the lives of millions of surgical patients globally.

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