Energy Queensland & mPrest Join Forces to Revolutionize Energy Management in Australia

A new partnership has been announced between mPrest and Energy Queensland, aiming to revolutionize energy management in Australia. The two companies will be working together to deliver a dynamic grid topology aware, distribution utility focused DERMS project.

mPrest’s Role:

mPrest, a leading provider of DERMS, will be providing their expertise in dynamic grid aware technology to the project. This includes their Dynamic Operating Envelopes (DOEs), which will enable dynamic management of grid constraints with minimal impact on customers.

Energy Queensland’s Challenges:

Energy Queensland, one of Australia’s largest wholly government-owned electricity companies, already leads the world in rooftop solar penetration. However, this creates challenges for managing voltage and thermal limits on the distribution network and effects system-wide stability. The partnership with mPrest will help Energy Queensland optimize their DERs and manage the increase in DERs to achieve their strategic goals.

Advancement in the Australian Market:

According to Ron Halpern, mPrest’s Chief Commercial Officer, “The Australian market is an advanced and fully deregulated renewable energy market.” The combination of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), DER energy trading, and high DER penetration introduces challenges for the distribution grid. This partnership aims to tackle these challenges and set a new standard in the industry.

Expected Adoption Around the World:

The model that mPrest and Energy Queensland are implementing is expected to be adopted in other regions around the world. This partnership is a major step towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future for all.


The partnership between mPrest and Energy Queensland is a major step forward in revolutionizing energy management in Australia and beyond. The dynamic grid topology aware technology provided by mPrest will play a crucial role in optimizing DERs and achieving a more sustainable energy future for all.

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