Everfuel Appoints Jesper Ejlersen as CFO to Drive European Green Hydrogen Growth

Everfuel Appoints Jesper Ejlersen as CFO


Everfuel A/S, a prominent player in the European green hydrogen industry, has made an exciting announcement regarding the appointment of Jesper Ejlersen as their new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This strategic move comes as Everfuel looks to strengthen its leadership team and pursue its ambitious long-term growth plan. Ejlersen’s extensive experience and passion for the green transition make him an ideal addition to the company’s mission of making green hydrogen widely accessible throughout Europe.


Building a Zero-Emission Future


Jesper Ejlersen, in expressing his enthusiasm for his new role, emphasized his belief in the significance of constructing a zero-emission future. He acknowledges Everfuel’s commitment to making green hydrogen widely available in Europe as a substantial step toward creating a more sustainable world. With unwavering dedication, Ejlersen eagerly anticipates becoming part of a team of passionate individuals working towards advancing the Everfuel platform, driving long-term growth, and creating value.


A Perfect Fit for Everfuel


Jacob Krogsgaard, the founder and CEO of Everfuel, lauded the appointment of Jesper Ejlersen, highlighting his extensive experience in developing high-performing finance teams and accelerating growth. Ejlersen’s role as CFO will involve spearheading Everfuel’s financial reporting and compliance work, while also leveraging his expertise in building international financial organizations and systems. These competencies are particularly crucial as Everfuel transitions its project pipeline into commercial operation. Krogsgaard expresses confidence in Ejlersen’s significant contributions to the successful development of Everfuel.


A Track Record of Financial Leadership


Jesper Ejlersen brings over 20 years of relevant management experience from large organizations and growth companies with an international investor base. Notably, he held the position of CFO/COO at MASH Makes, a green high-tech company, where he played a pivotal role in financial management and operational excellence. Prior to that, Ejlersen served as CEO at Stibo Systems A/S and CFO in EG A/S, overseeing financial reporting and leading M&A activities, including the delisting of the company from Nasdaq Copenhagen. His track record of driving financial success and managing complex financial operations positions him well to navigate Everfuel’s future challenges.


A Comprehensive Leadership Team


With the addition of Jesper Ejlersen as CFO, Everfuel’s management team is further fortified. The team comprises key individuals who bring diverse expertise to the table, enabling the company’s overall success. Jacob Krogsgaard continues to lead as CEO, while Martin Skov Hansen, the interim CFO, assumes the role of Deputy CEO. Hansen’s focus will be on organizational development, HR, and maturing key business and internal processes. Other members of the management team include Uffe Borup as CTO, Jeppe Hjuler Mikkelsen as COO, Mikkel Abildtrup Pedersen as CDO, Lars Jacobsen as Sales Director, and Nicolaj Rasmussen as Business Development Director.


Looking Ahead: Everfuel’s Green Hydrogen Vision


Everfuel’s vision revolves around the production, distribution, and accessibility of green hydrogen—a clean energy solution crucial for achieving decarbonization goals. The company’s commitment to driving the green transition in Europe aligns with the increasing global demand for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. With the appointment of Jesper Ejlersen as CFO, Everfuel is well-positioned to further solidify its position as a leading player in the European green hydrogen market.




Jesper Ejlersen’s appointment as CFO at Everfuel marks an important milestone for the company’s growth trajectory. His extensive experience in financial leadership, coupled with his passion for the green transition, will undoubtedly contribute to the realization of Everfuel’s long-term objectives. With a strengthened leadership team and an unwavering commitment to making green hydrogen widely accessible, Everfuel is set to play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future.

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