Experienced Letting Professional to Lead Heimstaden’s Group Letting Team

Heimstaden, Europe’s second largest residential real estate company, has appointed Louise Schaldemose as Director of Group Letting. She will take on the role on October 1st to support Heimstaden’s experienced local Heads of Letting.

With over 160,000 homes across ten countries, Heimstaden focuses on providing a positive customer experience. The company has a 98.2% real economic occupancy rate.

New Director Brings Over 8 Years of Letting Experience

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Schaldemose brings over eight years of letting and management experience from Ikano and home. She will provide valuable knowledge to enhance Heimstaden’s letting operations.

Reporting to Chief Operating Officer Eddo Rats, Schaldemose will focus on professionalising and digitising the letting journey. Her expertise makes her the ideal candidate to advance Heimstaden’s letting team.

Appointment Supports Heimstaden’s Customers and Growth

Rats states, “With Louise’s extensive experience in professionalising and digitising the letting journey, she is the perfect fit to drive Heimstaden’s Letting Team forward. I am very pleased to have her on board.”

Schaldemose remarks, “I am excited to join Heimstaden and am especially looking forward to improving performance together with the experienced letting team.”

Her appointment comes at a time of high rental demand across Europe. It will support Heimstaden’s over 300,000 customers and continued growth.

Key Facts About Heimstaden and Louise Schaldemose’s Appointment

  • Heimstaden owns over 160,000 rental homes in 10 European countries
  • The company has a 98.2% occupancy rate
  • Schaldemose has over 8 years of letting experience
  • She will start her role on October 1st, 2023
  • Her focus is improving Heimstaden’s letting operations

FAQs About the New Letting Director

Who is Louise Schaldemose?

Louise Schaldemose is an experienced letting professional based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has over eight years of experience in letting and property management with companies like Ikano and home.

What will her role be at Heimstaden?

As Director of Group Letting, Schaldemose will support Heimstaden’s local Heads of Letting across Europe. She will focus on professionalising and digitising the letting process to improve customer experiences.

What experience does she bring to Heimstaden?

With over eight years in letting and management, Schaldemose brings valuable expertise in areas like customer service, occupancy management, and operational efficiency. This will benefit Heimstaden’s letting operations.

When does she start working at Heimstaden?

Schaldemose will officially take on her new role on October 1st, 2023. This gives her time to transition from her current company.

Why was Schaldemose hired by Heimstaden?

With high demand for rentals across Europe, Heimstaden wanted to bring on an experienced letting expert to support growth and enhance customer experiences. Schaldemose’s background makes her the ideal candidate.

Appointment Positions Heimstaden for Continued Growth

Heimstaden’s appointment of Louise Schaldemose as Director of Group Letting provides an experienced leader for its letting teams. With demand for rentals on the rise, her expertise in occupancy, efficiency, and customer service will be valuable assets.

As Heimstaden expands its portfolio to new markets, Schaldemose will play a key role in delivering excellent experiences across the tenant lifecycle. Her passion for digitisation also aligns with Heimstaden’s vision to be an innovative leader in European real estate.

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