Flexion Boosts Evony: The King’s Return’s Revenue by 12x on Amazon Appstore

Flexion, the gaming marketing company, has seen a significant increase in revenue on the Amazon Appstore for Evony: The King’s Return. The game’s developer, Top Games Inc., outsourced operations, promotions, and user acquisition to Flexion, and since then, revenue has grown by 12 times.

Success Story:

In October 2021, Top Games Inc. decided to relaunch Evony: The King’s Return on the Amazon Appstore, outsourcing operations to Flexion. The move has paid off, with revenue growing by an impressive 12 times. Furthermore, Flexion has also launched the game in other alternative stores, boosting the revenue even further.

Top Games Inc.:

Top Games Inc. is a global multi-million-dollar games developer that focuses on the US market. In January, Evony: The King’s Return generated approximately USD 14 million in Google Play for Top Games Inc.

Flexion CEO’s Perspective:

According to Jens Lauritzson, Flexion CEO, game developers like Top Games can do everything they do but it doesn’t make economic sense. Flexion has around 100 people working on the success of each game and has spent years developing services and platform relations, giving them a huge advantage in generating revenue. Continual updates and new content are essential for a game’s success, building user loyalty, and triggering in-app purchases.

Top Games CEO’s Perspective:

David Guo, CEO of Top Games Inc., said that the extra revenue is adding to the game’s overall success. By handing over the alternative distribution to Flexion, they freed up their people, but they have also been delighted to see the scale of audiences that Flexion has reached and the boost in revenue they have achieved.

Increased Audiences:

The audiences for the game have increased by almost four times on Amazon alone since Flexion took over.

Flexion’s Strategy:

Jens said that typically, developers prioritize Google Play and The App Store, where they get the best return, but updates on other platforms are often delayed or skipped. At Flexion, they work hard with both the developer and the app stores to get every update online within 24 hours of hitting Google, often within minutes.

Other Success Factors:

Evony: The King’s Return was one of the first Android games on Windows 11, thanks to Amazon’s deal with Microsoft on the Windows Subsystem for Android™. Flexion has also been relentlessly promoting the game on Amazon Fire devices and, with Amazon and Top Games, developed special features for Prime Day promotions.


Flexion’s partnership with Top Games Inc. has proven to be a success, with revenue on the Amazon Appstore for Evony: The King’s Return increasing by 12 times. The increased audiences and continuous updates and new content have boosted user loyalty and triggered in-app purchases, leading to even more revenue.

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