Fortaco Group’s Bold Expansion Signals New Horizons in Steel Fabrication

Fortaco Group’s Bold Expansion Signals New Horizons in Steel Fabrication
Fortifying Industry Leadership Through Strategic Growth

In a monumental stride towards redefining the landscape of steel fabrication and manufacturing, Fortaco Group, the preeminent strategic partner for the heavy off-highway equipment and marine industries, has unveiled its expansion plans at Business Site Narva in Estonia. The move comes as a testament to Fortaco’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and technological advancement in Europe’s industrial domain.

Pioneering Expansion: Fortaco Group’s Fortified Presence

Setting the Stage for Progress

Fortaco Estonia OÜ and Systemair AS, the owner of the real estate housing Well Technology OÜ, have joined hands in a transformative agreement. Under this pact, Fortaco Estonia OÜ is set to broaden its operations into the Well Technology building, strategically situated within Narva Kadastiku Industry Park. This monumental deal not only expands Fortaco Estonia’s capacity by an impressive 8,000 m² of floor space but also bolsters its existing 35,000 m² located in Narva city center, thereby solidifying its stance as one of Europe’s premier strategic partners in steel fabricated components.

Innovative Potential: Unleashing Creativity

Fortaco’s Vision for the Future

The newly acquired production space is primed to serve both current and prospective clients, acting as the breeding ground for the creation of cutting-edge products. Beyond the tangible real estate and infrastructure costs, Fortaco is gearing up to invest an estimated 7 MEUR in an advanced production specialization line. This specialized line will house state-of-the-art prefabrication equipment, welding robots, and CNC-machinery centers, complete with an integrated painting facility. This visionary investment will empower Fortaco to offer its clientele a repertoire of unique and competitive solutions for intricate steel fabricated products. The comprehensive scope of this endeavor is currently in the final stages of qualification for the EAS grant, stemming from the Ida-Viru business investments program.

A Flourishing Future: Empowering the Workforce

Job Creation and Sustainable Growth

As the wheels of progress turn, Fortaco’s expansion endeavor promises to bring approximately 40-50 new job opportunities to the table during its initial phases. The wheels of recruitment are already in motion, poised to embrace individuals who align with Fortaco’s values and ambitions. This recent stride in expansion also signifies a grander narrative: a collective workforce, spanning both the current and newly extended locations of Fortaco Estonia OÜ, is set to surpass the impressive count of 700 individuals.

Community Recognition: Pioneering Excellence

Recognizing Fortaco’s Impact

In the heart of Narva, Fortaco Estonia stands tall as the largest privately owned entity. Its continuous journey towards success and innovation has garnered the well-deserved accolade of being hailed as the Best Company in the Narva and Ida-Virumaa region. This recognition underscores Fortaco’s profound influence and its vital role in shaping the local business landscape.

Unveiling the Industrial Giant: Fortaco’s Global Footprint

A Global Network of Excellence

Fortaco’s indomitable presence extends far beyond Estonia’s borders. With six state-of-the-art factories, fortified by cutting-edge equipment, strategically positioned across Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, and Serbia, Fortaco Group’s global reach stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

FAQs: Unveiling the Details

What does Fortaco Group specialize in?

Fortaco Group is a leading strategic partner for the heavy off-highway equipment and marine industries in Europe. It provides solutions in zero emission technology, assemblies, vehicle cabins, and steel fabrications.

How is Fortaco expanding its operations in Estonia?

Fortaco Estonia OÜ and Systemair AS have signed an agreement allowing Fortaco Estonia to expand into the Well Technology building, increasing its floor space by 8,000 m² in Narva Kadastiku Industry Park.

What investments are being made in this expansion?

Fortaco plans to invest around 7 MEUR in an advanced production specialization line, including prefabrication equipment, welding robots, CNC-machinery centers, and painting facilities.

How many employees will the expansion create?

The initial phases of expansion are expected to provide job opportunities for approximately 40-50 employees. The total employee count across all Fortaco Estonia locations will surpass 700.

What recognition has Fortaco received in the local community?

Fortaco Estonia has been recognized as the Best Company in the Narva and Ida-Virumaa region, highlighting its significant impact on the local business landscape.

Key Stats from the Expansion

Fortaco Estonia OÜFortaco Group
Expansion8,000 m² floor space in Narva Kadastiku Industry ParkStrategically positioned factories in Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Serbia
InvestmentApprox. 7 MEUR in advanced production specialization lineLeadership in steel fabrication and manufacturing
Job CreationApprox. 40-50 new jobs during initial phasesTotal employee count exceeding 700
RecognitionBest Company in Narva and Ida-Virumaa regionProven commitment to excellence


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