GomSpace Strengthens Board with Space and Tech Industry Experts

GomSpace, a leading company in the space industry, is set to enhance its board of directors with the addition of two prominent industry experts. The Nomination Committee has nominated Stefan Gardefjord and Henrik Kølle as new members, aiming to bolster the board’s collective skillset. The committee’s assessment highlights the need for additional expertise in the global space industry, information technology sector, and finance.

The proposed nominees bring extensive experience and knowledge to the table, aligning with GomSpace’s goals for continued growth and development. With these strategic appointments, GomSpace aims to optimize its board’s composition to meet the evolving demands of the company’s current position and future direction.


Stefan Gardefjord: An Accomplished Leader in the Space and Technology Sectors


Stefan Gardefjord, a well-respected figure in the space and technology industries, has been nominated as a member of GomSpace’s board. With over 35 years of experience, Gardefjord has held several senior management positions, including CEO of SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) and Logica Sweden.

His extensive expertise also extends to his role as a non-executive director of publicly listed companies, such as BTS Group and Knowit Plc. Additionally, Gardefjord has served as a former chairman of the Swedish IT and Telecom Employers Association and the Swedish Aerospace Industries.

His independence from the company and executive management, as well as his wide-ranging industry knowledge, make him an ideal candidate for strengthening GomSpace’s board.


Gardefjord’s Excitement and Commitment to GomSpace’s Growth:

In response to his nomination, Stefan Gardefjord expresses his enthusiasm for joining GomSpace’s board. He acknowledges the critical role that space-based capabilities play in modern society and emphasizes the continued convergence of information technology and space applications.

With his extensive background in both fields, Gardefjord is eager to contribute to GomSpace’s growth and development. His appointment reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging space-based capabilities for sustainability, innovation, economic growth, and enhanced competitiveness across industries.


Henrik Kølle: A Finance and Technology Expert with Startup Success


Henrik Kølle, another exceptional nominee for GomSpace’s board, brings valuable skills and experience in finance and technology. Holding a master’s degree in finance from Copenhagen Business School, Kølle has a proven track record in leading and founding positions. His notable achievements include his involvement with Danish startup Endomondo, a renowned fitness tracker that achieved remarkable success and was subsequently acquired by Under Armour. Kølle’s leadership also extends to his position as CEO of DanDental (Plandent) following a management buyout from Siemens.

Furthermore, he has made significant contributions to the IT industry as an engaged investor and board member in companies with strong growth potential. His impressive experience and success in both startup ventures and board work make Kølle an asset to GomSpace’s future development.


Kølle’s Optimism for GomSpace’s Potential:

Henrik Kølle expresses his excitement for GomSpace’s future, emphasizing the company’s strong competencies and potential for unlocking new opportunities. With the industry and market accelerating, Kølle recognizes GomSpace’s unique edge in the space industry and its cutting-edge products.

Furthermore, he welcomes the appointment of the new CEO, Carsten Drachmann, highlighting the positive impact of a sales-oriented international leader. Kølle’s confidence in GomSpace’s competencies, products, recent capital injection, and visionary CEO indicates his belief in the company’s ability to achieve significant growth in the years to come.


Chairman Jukka Pertola’s Perspective on Expanding the Board:

Jukka Pertola, Chairman of the Board at GomSpace, shares his enthusiasm for expanding the knowledge and competencies within the board of directors. Recognizing the importance of good corporate governance, Pertola plans to reduce the number of his positions, including his role at GomSpace.

He aims to ensure a smooth transition of board responsibilities and eventually step down after an appropriate period. Pertola expresses his satisfaction with the nominations of Stefan Gardefjord and Henrik Kølle, highlighting their comprehensive experience and success in technology companies and startup ventures, respectively. The addition of these two esteemed individuals is expected to strengthen the board and contribute to GomSpace’s continued development.



GomSpace’s board of directors is on the path to enhanced expertise and diversity with the nominations of Stefan Gardefjord and Henrik Kølle. These accomplished professionals bring extensive knowledge and experience from the space industry, information technology sector, and finance, aligning with the company’s strategic goals. Their appointments reflect GomSpace’s commitment to optimizing its board’s composition to meet the evolving demands of the industry. With the collective expertise of Gardefjord, Kølle, and the existing board members, GomSpace is well-positioned for continued growth, innovation, and success in the dynamic space industry.

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