Guillermo Net Worth, Biography & Career Highlights [2023]

Guillermo has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, starting as an actor and eventually moving on to directing. He is best known for his work as a filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer. He first gained recognition for his 1993 film “Cronos,” which won multiple awards at Cannes Film Festival. He has worked on some of the most popular movies and TV shows of all time. Here we will take a look at Guillermo’s biography, career highlights, and personal life.

About Guillermo:

Net worth$2.5 million
BornGuillermo Rodriguez – January 27, 1971 (age 51) Zacatecas City, Mexico
OccupationTV personality, comedian
Years active2003–present
Known forJimmy Kimmel Live!
ChildrenBenji Rodriguez
Height5’ 2”

Guillermo Early Life and Education

Guillermo del Toro was born in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 9th, 1964. He was raised in Mexico City, where he attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico for his undergraduate degree in communications. He then went on to pursue a postgraduate degree in film at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles.

After graduating frokm AFI, Guillermo found success as a screenwriter and director with his 2006 film “Pan’s Labyrinth,” which earned critical acclaim and numerous awards including three Oscars.

Guillermo Net Worth

In 2022, Guillermo’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million thanks to his wise investments in real estate and technology startups. He continues to expand his empire by seeking out new business opportunities and collaborations.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Guillermo began his career by purchasing small properties and flipping them for profit before eventually branching out into larger developments. His business acumen quickly earned him a reputation as a savvy negotiator and skilled investor, leading to partnerships with major players in the industry.

Guillermo Career Highlights and Achievements

In 2005, Guillermo opened his first restaurant, Biko, in Mexico City and it quickly gained international recognition as one of Latin America’s best restaurants. Guillermo continued to open successful eateries around the world including Pujol in Mexico City and Moxi in Barcelona.

He continued to make a mark in Hollywood with other hits such as “Hellboy” (2004), “Pacific Rim” (2013), and “The Shape of Water” (2017), which won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

In the early 2000s, Guillermo gained recognition for directing thrillers such as The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth. He also wrote and produced several films, including Hellboy and Pacific Rim.

Guillermo made history in 2018 when he became the first Latino director to win an Oscar for Best Director for his fantasy drama film, The Shape of Water. He also won the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay for the same film.

In addition to his work in filmmaking, Guillermo has acted in various films such as Blade II and Mimic. He has also served as executive producer for television series like The Strain and Trollhunters.

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Personal Life of Guillermo

Guillermo is currently married to his longtime love and business partner, Maria Gomez. Together they have two children, a son named Mateo and a daughter named Isabella.

When not working on films, Guillermo enjoys spending time with his family and taking care of his hundreds of pets at their home in Los Angeles.

Aside from running his successful businesses, he enjoys playing soccer and traveling the world with his family. He also has a passion for collecting rare books and artwork.

In addition to his successful career, he is also known for being a collector of unusual and macabre items, including skeletons and insects. He has stated in interviews that his love for monsters stems from feeling like an outsider as a child.

Charity Work by Guillermo

In addition to his successful career in the entertainment industry, Guillermo is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has served as a member of the board of directors for V-Day, an organization focused on ending violence against women and girls, as well as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

Guillermo has also worked with organizations such as Artists for Peace and Justice, which aims to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged communities in Haiti, and Education Through Music-Los Angeles, which promotes music education in disadvantaged public schools.

In 2012, he launched his own foundation called “The Guillermo Del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities,” with the goal of supporting aspiring filmmakers and artists through grants and partnerships with various organizations.

Guillermo Legacy and His Quotes

Some of Guillermo’s notable career highlights include directing Academy Award winning film “The Shape of Water,” producing the popular Netflix series “Trollhunters,” and co-creating the television series “The Strain.” In 2018, he won the Academy Award for Best Director and Best Picture for “The Shape of Water.”

Guillermo’s most notable achievements include the creation of a luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas, as well as several high-rise apartment complexes in Mexico City, Miami, and New York City. In addition to real estate ventures, he has also diversified his portfolio by investing in technology startups and the stock market.

Throughout his career, Guillermo has received various awards for his leadership and innovation in the industry. In 2019, he was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year at the Latin American Business Awards.

Some famous quotes by Guillermo include: “If there is a metaphor in my movies, it’s that monsters are our own creation, and we are the monster.”


Guillermo has been vocal about immigration reform and has participated in various protests advocating for Dreamers and undocumented immigrants. He is also an advocate for equal pay, speaking out against the gender pay gap in Hollywood. In 2018, he joined forces with The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to launch “Hispanicize Hire”, a program aimed at promoting diversity in hiring within the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Guillermo’s net worth?

As of 2022, Guillermo’s estimated net worth is $2.5 million dollars. This includes his earnings from his career in television, as well as various endorsement deals and investments.

What are some of Guillermo’s career highlights?

Some of Guillermo’s career highlights include multiple Emmy nominations for his work on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as well as appearances at prestigious award shows like the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Guillermo has also made headlines with various viral segments, including his infamous “Lie Witness News” skits and his red carpet interviews with A-list celebrities. Aside from television, Guillermo has also had successful stints in film, notably appearing in the highly-acclaimed film “The Shape of Water” as well as “Hellboy” and its sequel.

What is Guillermo’s background in film?

In addition to studying film at UCLA, Guillermo has also gained experience as a director, producer, and screenwriter throughout his career. He made his directorial debut with the 2014 comedy “7 Days in Hell” and has produced numerous projects, including the documentary “I’m No Longer Here” and the television series “Larry King Now”.

What’s about Guillermo birth and his early life?

Guillermo was born in a Hispanic family in Mexico City, Mexico on January 18th, 1968. He began his career as a film student at the University of California, Los Angeles before breaking into Hollywood with roles in films like “Mimic” and “Men In Black II”.

What was the first noticeable occasion for Guillermo?

He gained notoriety for his role as the orange-hued sidekick on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he has been a mainstay for over a decade. In addition to television, Guillermo has also appeared in numerous commercials and has even dabbled in the music industry with his band, Guillermo and The Americans.


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