Honda to launch a limited edition Legend sedan equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving in Japan

According to foreign media reports, on Thursday, local time, Honda announced that it will launch a limited edition Legend sedan equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving technology in Japan. It is reported that this luxury car will be equipped with a feature called Honda Sensing Elite, which is a higher level than Honda’s already excellent driving assistance Honda Sensing package.


The new system will provide hands-free driving functions similar to those provided by GM’s excellent Super Cruise. In some cases, it can accelerate, steer and stop without driver intervention and even change lanes on its own.

But the main feature here is a feature called Traffic Jam Pilot, which is Level 3, which can handle all aspects of driving without human interaction. In some cases, such as stop-and-go traffic jams on the highway, Traffic Jam Pilot can accelerate, steer and stop completely autonomously, so that the driver does not need a monitoring system. In fact, at this time they can watch videos on YouTube or work and read books in the car. In contrast, in Super Cruise, the driver must always be aware of the state of the vehicle, monitor the vehicle at any time, and be ready to take over the vehicle when the system needs it. If the situation changes, Traffic Jam Pilot will also require the driver to intervene like Super Cruise, but the biggest difference between the two is that the driver does not have to monitor the vehicle all the time.


In order to increase safety, Honda Sensing Elite also has a function called Emergency Stop Assist. If the driver needs to take over and does not respond, the system will automatically move to the outermost lane or shoulder and stop when necessary. In addition, it will sound its whistle and activate hazard lights to warn other drivers. In order to attract the attention of drivers, these Legend cars will also use continuously upgraded visual, audible and tactile alarms and even buzz through seat belts to attract the attention of drivers.


In addition to a series of sensors and software, Honda Sensing Elite also relies on high-definition 3D map data and global navigation satellites to help detect the surrounding environment of the vehicle. A driver monitoring camera and indicator lights are installed on the steering wheel. When Traffic Jam Pilot starts, they will glow blue, and when the driver must take over again, they will glow orange. These special Legend cars will also be equipped with 12.3-inch LCD screens designed to help drivers understand what the system is doing.


When Honda was developing the Honda Sensing Elite, safety was naturally its top priority. The automaker simulated about 10 million possible road conditions and conducted more than 800,000 miles of testing.

Honda Sensing Elite and its Level 3 automatic diving capabilities will be available on the Legend Hybrid EX sedan that will be launched in Japan on March 5. It is reported that Honda will only produce 100 cars equipped with the system and will not sell them to consumers. They can only experience this kind of autonomous driving through leasing.

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