How to plan and promote your next yard sale

The best way to get rid of all the extra stuff pulling dirt in your house is by selling it in a yard sale. Moreover, a yard sale would not just help you get rid of extra stuff, but you can make dozens of extra dollars. Organizing a yard sale may sound like child’s play, but it is much more challenging than you think. 

A yard sale is a great way to clean up your place and/or earn some extra cash. However, there are chances that you would not be the only person running a yard sale at that time. If you want people to come in, you should be keen on planning your yard sale. You should organize your items and create a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Display your best items and place price tags on all of them. If someone wants to pay a lesser price, you should be willing and ready to negotiate. Also, carry a change to avoid any inconvenience. 

However, you will still need to promote to make people come to your yard sale instead of someone else’s. Earlier, yard sales promotions were a couple of basics such as printing out flyers or poster boards. Of course, you can still use these but there are some innovative ways to promote your yard sale too. Keep reading as we share new ways that will make people show up at your house. 

Yard sale signs

It may seem a little old-fashioned, but yard sale signs are still an effective way to tell people about your sale. Every yard sale host should know that the majority audience would be from the neighborhood simply because they live nearby. You cannot expect someone to show up who lives five hours away from your place. That is why advertising your sale in your neighborhood is the best shot you have. Create a custom yard sign and put it around the neighborhood a few days before the sale. Try to get creative with them to make them stand out. Make sure to place it in high-traffic areas like parks, marts, and churches. You can also ask your family and friends to help out. Draw attention to your event with eye-catching yard sale signs and get crowds coming in. 

Social media for yard sale promotions

Regardless of how you promote it, yard sales are a great way to get ready for a move. Social media is the air we breathe. Anything there spreads like a wildfire, making it a great place for people to know about your sale. Thus, now that you have social media at your disposal, take advantage of it with these simple methods. 

Create a Facebook event

Facebook allows you to create an event. The first thing you should do is create an event on Facebook and invite all your family and friends. This will inform your Facebook circle that you have a yard sale coming up. Make sure to post about it on your profile to make it official. Try posting it on other groups, especially those that are related to garage or yard sales. 

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great way to notify your followers about your yard sale. Use this feature to highlight that you are hosting a yard sale. Make sure to add eye-catching photos of some of the items you will be selling. Instagram is all about extravagant photoshoots that are certain to catch sooner or later. 

Twitter photos and hashtags

While Twitter is an abstract tool, it is an incredible medium for spreading the news about your sale. Take pictures of your more appealing stuff and post them on Twitter with a sticky caption. Remember to add hashtags like #yardsale, #[yourtown], etc. This will increase the reachability of your post and will make it spread around effectively. 

Sign up on yard sale sites 

Apart from social media, there are so many websites and applications dedicated to yard sales. You just need to sign up and list your sale. This way, anyone interested in yard sales can find your sale in just a few clicks. These platforms have millions of users; thus, you will surely get some attention. The best part is most of these websites and mobile apps are free to use. Try out Yard Sale Search, Garage Sales Tracker, and, to name a few. 

Put an ad on Craigslist

Most people these days start their yard sale search online. Posting an ad on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist is free. It is a great way to get the word out of your yard sale. Make sure to include plenty of photos and all the necessary details. Craigslist is good at targeting neighborhoods, so you are likely to reach community members in search of events. 

You can also try to be creative with your ads. For example, if you have lots of clothes to sell, design an ad that says, “Clothes Galore” and post it. The more catchy your yard sale ad is, the more likely people will show up. 

Yard sale flyers

It is time to try out new and innovative promotional techniques. However, if you still want to work it the traditional way, stop by your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. See if they allow you to leave a stack of flyers on the counter. It would be surprising to know how receptive these folks can be. Whoever comes to get their coffee will see your info. Make sure to design a creative yard sale flyer, so that it captures a sizable audience. 

Rake in the sales at your yard sale

You can make your yard sale as pretentious as you want but remember that it is just about making a quick buck by selling the stuff you don’t need. It should not be expensive, and if it is, you are missing the point. It is good to ask around someone if it is the first time you are hosting a yard sale. 

You have said goodbye to all the stuff you will be selling and gathered your family to help run the yard sale. Now, make your yard sale a success by promoting it as widely as you can! 

Doing all of these will take time and effort for sure. However, you will find everything worth it. Just trust us, and have people stream into your yard sale and buy your items. 

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