Huawei says 6G is expected to be put on the market around 2030

According to Huawei’s voice community news, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun stated in his preface to the book “The New Journey of 6G Wireless Communications” that 6G is expected to be put on the market around 2030.


Xu Zhijun said that the definition of 6G requires much more effort from the industry than any previous generation . The sudden new crown epidemic has also added obstacles to necessary communication and cooperation.


In this sense, ten years are long and long, and short is indeed short. Whether the industry can deliver satisfactory answers in 2030 depends largely on whether our process of defining 6G is open enough, whether the participants in the definition are sufficiently diversified, whether communication is sufficient, and whether the defined 6G vision is sufficiently attractive ,and many more.


While continuing to promote the commercial use of 5G, Huawei also started investing in 6G research in 2017. Huawei is also willing to conduct extensive discussions with the industry and industries and companies that may need 6G in the future, and jointly look forward to 6G and jointly define 6G.


On June 6 this year, the IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group released the “6G Overall Vision and Potential Key Technology White Paper.”


The “White Paper” shows that 6G will further expand from serving people, people and things on the basis of 5G to supporting the efficient interconnection of intelligent bodies, realizing the transition from the interconnection of all things to the intelligent connection of all things, and ultimately helping human society to achieve “all things intelligent “Twins” beautiful vision.


The white paper points out that based on 5G’s high speed, large connections, low latency, and high reliability, 6G brings new trends such as immersion, intelligence, and globalization.


The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 48th “Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development Status”, showing that in the field of 6G communication technology, my country has become the main source country for 6G patent applications.

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