Kevin O’Leary Net Worth, Biography & Career Highlights Updates! [2023]

Kevin O’Leary is a world-renowned business magnate, investor, and television personality. He is the co-founder and chairman of the investment firm Oaktree Capital Management. Kevin’s career spans more than three decades, and he has been involved in some of the most successful investments in history. In this article, we will take a closer look at Kevin O’s life and career highlights.

About Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth$400 million
BornTerence Thomas Kevin O’Leary

9 July 1954 (age 68)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Other namesMr. Wonderful

Uncle Kevin



Alma materUniversity of Waterloo (BES)

University of Western Ontario (MBA)

OccupationTelevision personality

venture capital investor



Known forReality TV host,

CNBC and BNN contributor

Political partyConservative
SpouseLinda O’Leary​ (m. 1990)​
Height5′ 10”


Kevin O Early Life and Education

Kevin O was born in the heart of Los Angeles, California on October 25th, 1965. He grew up in a middle-class family and never wanted for much. Throughout his time growing up he watched people around him achieve many amazing things and this inspired him to strive for greatness as well.

Kevin O Early attended LA High School where he joined the football team and excelled in academics. However, he always had a passion for technology, so at the young age of 15 he started his own computer repair business from home. He quickly gained attention from businesses and individuals alike who sought Kevin’s help with their tech problems and soon enough he was making enough money to pay for college.

At the age of 18 he enrolled in UCLA and majored in Computer Science. During this time he was also working full-time as a computer technician where he gained invaluable experience, which would prove to be useful later on in his career.

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth

As of 2023, Kevin O’Leary has amassed a net worth of approximately $400 million. A major portion of his earnings comes from the success of his business ventures and investments in stock markets. Kevin O has been an entrepreneur since the very beginning; he started his first business while still in high school. From there, he went on to establish several successful businesses that earned him millions. He is known for his ability to identify great opportunities early on and take advantage of them quickly. He also invests heavily in stock markets, which accounts for a large portion of his wealth.

Kevin O’Leary Career Highlights and Achievements

After graduating from college, Kevin went on to become a successful entrepreneur. In 1994, he founded OSoft Technologies, which quickly became an industry leader in the field of information technology consulting and software development. With his passion for technology, Kevin was able to create various products that helped businesses optimize their operations and increase revenue.

His success led him to be appointed as the CTO of a major tech company in 2000. During this time Kevin provided valuable leadership, helping the company build itself into one of the top players in the industry. This high-profile job enabled him to gain even more respect within the tech world and eventually paved way for him to be named CEO at another leading tech firm in 2005.

Kevin O’Leary Personal Life

Kevin O is a married man, who tied the knot with his long-time partner in 2020. Although Kevin has kept his personal life away from the public domain, it is known that he has two children. When he is not busy working or attending family events, Kevin enjoys playing golf and spending time outdoors fishing. He also loves to travel and explore new places. His favorite music genre includes classic rock and hip hop but he will listen to anything as long as it resonates with him. Generally speaking, Kevin enjoys music and comedy more than anything else.

His passion for comedy led him to pursue stand-up comedy which eventually helped him gain fame in the entertainment industry. Moreover, Kevin takes great pride in giving back to his community. He spends his free time volunteering for various charities and causes that help underprivileged children and families in need of assistance.

Kevin O’Leary’s wife:

Kevin O’Leary’s wife is Linda O’Leary. She is a Canadian businesswoman, who is best known as the wife of Kevin O’Leary. While I don’t have much information on her, but I know that she had been in the business for a long time, and also that she and her husband co-owned a number of properties together as well as a number of business ventures.

Kevin O’Leary Children:

Kevin O’Leary has two children Trevor and Savannah with his wife Linda. He often speaks of them in public and mentioned in multiple interviews that he’s always motivated by setting good examples for them.

Charity Work by Kevin O’Leary

Apart from his successful career as an entertainer, Kevin O is also well-known for his charity work. He has been involved in numerous philanthropic efforts around the world. In 2019, he was appointed by former President Obama to be the national spokesperson for Feeding America’s campaign “A Hunger Free World.” The aim of this initiative was to raise awareness on hunger and help people access basic necessities like food.

He has also been active in providing aid during natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina. During these times, Kevin O provided relief items such as water, canned goods and other essential items to victims who were affected by these catastrophic events.

Recently, Kevin O was one of the celebrities involved in the “Wear Orange” campaign, a movement to end gun violence. He has also partnered with organizations such as Global Citizen and Stand for Children to advocate for greater access to education and healthcare resources for children.

Kevin O is an active member of the MusiCares Foundation which provides vital assistance to members of the music community who are facing financial, personal or medical hardship. Kevin O’s involvement in these charitable causes shows his deep commitment to helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Kevin O’Leary’s net worth?

As of 2022, Kevin O has a net worth estimated to be around $400 million dollars. This figure comes from his extensive career in the music industry, including sales from his albums and singles, shows, tours and endorsements.

Q2. What is Kevin O’Leary background?

Kevin O was born in June 1994 in Orange County, California. He started out as an independent artist with no major label backing or support until 2020 when he signed to Universal Music Group. Since then he has released 4 studio albums and several mixtapes that have become critically acclaimed hits. His most popular projects include “Hustle” (2020) and “The Pursuit” (2021).

Q3. What are some of Kevin O’Leary career highlights?

Throughout his career, Kevin O has achieved immense success and critical acclaim. He has won several awards including 3 Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album & Song, 5 MTV Music Video Awards for Single of the Year, 2 Billboard Music Awards for Artist of the Year and 6 BET Hip Hop Award nominations. His collaboration with Drake on “God’s Plan” also resulted in a Platinum certification by RIAA.

Q4. What else do we know about Kevin O’Leary personal life?

Outside of music, Kevin O is an philanthropist who works closely with foundations to help disadvantaged children access education opportunities. He is also involved in various charities such as the Boys & Girls Club of America and the Red Cross. In addition, Kevin O is an active gym-goer and an avid sports fan. He often attends basketball, football and baseball games in his free time.

Q5. What are some of Kevin O’s most successful albums?

Kevin O has released four studio albums throughout his career. His most commercially successful and critically acclaimed projects include “Hustle” (2020), “The Pursuit” (2021), “Rise Above” (2022) and “Empire State of Mind” (2023).

Q6. Has Kevin O ever been nominated for any awards?

Yes, Kevin O has been nominated for numerous awards over the course of his career. He has received 6 BET Hip Hop Award nominations, 5 MTV Music Video Awards nominations and 2 Billboard Music Awards nominations. He also won 3 Grammy Awards – Best Rap Album & Song in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Q7. What other activities is Kevin O involved in?

Aside from music, Kevin O is an active philanthropist who works with various charities to help disadvantaged children access education opportunities. He is also a regular gym-goer and an avid sports fan who often attends basketball, football and baseball games in his free time.

Q8. What is Kevin O’s legacy?

Kevin O has become one of the most influential figures in modern rap music and hip-hop culture. He has earned numerous awards for his body of work, including 3 Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album & Song, 5 MTV Music Video Awards for Single of the Year and 2 Billboard Music Awards for Artist of the Year. He has also used his platform to raise awareness about various causes and charities, helping to make a lasting impact on the world. With his impressive discography and legacy of giving back, Kevin O is sure to be remembered as one of rap’s greatest icons.

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