Kiliaro Acquires Sosyiopix to Expand Online Print Services and Enter the Turkish Market

Swedish photo app Kiliaro has acquired Turkey’s largest player in online photo printing, Sosyiopix, in a move that will bolster its local presence and expand its product range. The acquisition will allow Kiliaro to provide online print services to its customers, a crucial step towards realizing its vision of becoming a one-stop-shop for all photo-related needs.

Strong Local Partner in Turkey

The acquisition of Sosyiopix provides Kiliaro with a strong local partner in Turkey, simplifying its market entry into the country. With a customer base of around 2 million unique customers and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 30 million, Sosyiopix has consistently increased its revenue, making it a prime acquisition target for Kiliaro.

Joint Marketing Campaigns and Cost Efficiency

The two companies will now coordinate joint marketing campaigns and streamline costs, making their operations more efficient. This synergy will allow Kiliaro to expand its reach and offer its customers more value-added services, while Sosyiopix benefits from Kiliaro’s technological capabilities and global network.

Expansion of Product Range

Kiliaro’s acquisition of Sosyiopix has expanded its product range to include online print services, which will complement its existing photo storage, organization, editing, and sharing services. The company’s aim is to become the go-to service for all photo-related needs, and this acquisition is a significant milestone in that direction.

Future Acquisitions

This acquisition is part of Kiliaro’s acquisition strategy, which aims to become a super app where users can manage all of their photo-related needs. The company plans to acquire more photo-related companies that can be integrated into its platform in 2023 and beyond, consolidating its position as a market leader in the online photo industry.


The acquisition of Sosyiopix is a strategic move for Kiliaro, as it expands the company’s product range and enhances its local presence in Turkey. With joint marketing campaigns and cost efficiency, the two companies can offer their customers more value-added services and streamline their operations. Kiliaro’s acquisition strategy is an ambitious one, and it will be interesting to see how the company integrates new acquisitions into its platform to provide an even better user experience.

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