Livit by Nightingale Health: The Ultimate Health Risk Detection Solution Unveiled

A tech company, Nightingale Health, has revolutionized preventative health with the release of its latest Livit mobile app. By combining blood test results with genomic data, the app can detect individual risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes for the first time.

Dynamic & Static Health Data:

Livit provides a superior health risk assessment by combining information about how lifestyle affects one’s health with their static genetic data. The dynamic blood test results make the analysis actionable, as changes in lifestyle can be monitored with follow-up tests.

Free Genetic Results:

Genetic results are calculated from a raw genetic data file uploaded to Livit by the user. Initially, users can access the feature for free after purchasing their first Livit Kit. In the future, Nightingale Health plans to expand the feature by offering genetic tests directly.

Beat Your Genes:

Chief Scientific Officer, Jeffrey Barrett, hopes the addition of genetic risk information will help users understand the role of both genetics and lifestyle in preventing chronic diseases. Users can see if they can “beat their genes” by adopting lifestyle changes to reduce their risk.

Empowering Health Management:

Nightingale Health’s proprietary health risk detection platform empowers customers to take early action to manage and monitor their risks. The addition of genetic data improves the risk detection capability, offering a unique solution not provided by any other company in the field.


Nightingale Health CEO, Teemu Suna, expresses excitement about strengthening the core capability in health risk detection and bringing this new feature to Livit users. The combination of dynamic blood test data and genetic results provides a comprehensive solution for the ultimate health risk detection.

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