Magic Johnson Net worth & Biography Facts [Updated 2023]

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr., a retired American basketball player and entrepreneur who has previously been mentioned in this article because of his net worth ($620 million), is now going to be more extensively discussed.

He was selected as the first overall pick for Los Angeles Lakers back when they were still playing at their original home court. The Forum Sports Arena currently holds about 12 thousand people. Still, it will eventually need repair due to damage done by fires over time and before it shuts down indefinitely.

After last year’s earthquake left much destruction across California, including San Simeon, where many celebrities live too, such as SpaceX founder Elon Musk; Mel Gibson & former NFL star OJ Simpson, among others.

Magic Johnson Biography:

Net Worth$620 Million 
NameEarvin Johnson Jr. 
ProfessionNBA Player 
Number:32 (Los Angeles Lakers / Point guard), 33 (Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball / Point guard) 
Siblings:Quincy Johnson, Pearl Johnson, Evelyn Johnson, MORE 
Born14 August 1959 
CountryUnited States 
Salary$40 Million+ (Annual) 
SpouseCookie Johnson (m. 1991) 
Parents:Earvin Johnson Sr., Christine Johnson 
ChildrenEJ Johnson, Andre Johnson, Elisa Johnson 

Early life of Magic Johnson:

Magic Johnson was born in Lansing, Michigan, on August 14th, 1959. His father, Earvin Sr, worked as a General Motors assembly line worker, and his mother, Christine, was a school janitor who loved watching him play basketball even before becoming famous! At only 15 years old, she called her son “Magic” due to his knack for making things happen when needed; this name would become solidified after leading his team back home state championship aged 17 years old.

When Magic Johnson decided to stay in his home state of Michigan and attend college, he knew that the schools would be competing against each other. The high-energy game between MSU and ISU became one of history’s most memorable rivalries because they were both great teams with incredible players; unfortunately, this meant there could only really come 1 team alive at any given time. In 1979 when Larry Bird took over as captain, he Sharpied him up (or should we say “led”) his Indiana State teammates into taking down what some might call ‘The Best College Basketball Team Ever’ which was Magic Johnson’s Michigan State. The game went into three overtimes, but eventually, ISU won due to Bird’s impeccable leadership skills on-and-off court.

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Magic Johnson’s Career

NBA Career

The most significant point guard in NBA history, Magic Johnson, is considered by many fans and experts to be the best player. He was picked first overall during his 1979 draft with Los Angeles Lakers fame – an honor he shares alongside fellow legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who also joined him on their championship teams four times throughout the 1980s! In addition, both were named MVPs at respective finals games following spectacularly successful rookie campaigns, which set them up nicely for future successes together, even if it did take some time before they could capture victory number 5 (from 1982).

Magic Johnson’s guidance

Under Magic Johnson’s guidance, the Lakers immediately found success once again. The team won five of their first six games under his coaching. It seemed ready for a long run in victory lane with him at the helm- but after losing five out of the next six contests (including an embarrassing loss against Charlotte), owner Jerry Buss felt enough was enough.

He asked to reinstate fired coaches Randy Pfund & Bill Bertka while also relievedly announcing his resignation from the head coach following two brief seasons on job duties which yielded mixed results overall. Johnson said that he never wanted to coach in the first place, so it was no surprise when his last coaching attempt ended with an embarrassing ten-game losing streak. He owns 5% percent of Lakers now and is glad for how far basketball has come since then; He is one of the many people who think that the game has gotten better & more exciting to watch.

In 905 NBA games, Antawn Jamison scored 17 thousand points with six hundred rebounds and ten 141 assists for a career average of 19.5+7/2=24 points per game, the highest number ever recorded in league history. Johnson shares the single-game playoff record for assists (24) and holds an NBA Finals mark in this category with 21 total dimes against his name. He also boasts two other forms: he is one of only six players to average 12+ helpers per contest during game sevens played. Additionally, Johnson has accumulated 2 346 careers assist moments over five seasons – which ties him atop all leader’s board lists regarding such statistics.


Magic Johnson announced that he had been infected with HIV in November 1991. It was a massive shock to the public, who were still largely unaware of how nasty this disease could be – but luckily for us, now there’s Magic. The NBA star had used his fame and influence both on-screen (as an entrepreneur) and off-camera, too: advocating against LGBT+ weaknesses such as Prop 8 back when we needed someone big enough).

Magic Johnson Real estate

Johnson has a very successful career as an entrepreneur, and the couple’s three children are grown up. They own multiple homes around California, including one that overlooks Century City – not too far from Beverly Hills, where they live in their beautiful home with its private beach access.

In addition to being CEO at Thrive Global Inc., which manufactures health drinks for women under licensing partnerships with popular brands like Nike & Fiji Water, Johnson also owns several restaurants, such as “Kauai”, located on Oahu.’

Personal life

Johnson is a homosexual father and a well-known reality TV personality. He married Cookie in 1991, who gave birth to their son Earvin III (EJ) two years later on the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills; EJ came out as gay early this decade despite earlier reports that he was actually “straight.”

In addition, they adopted daughter Elisa when she was just three months old! The couple currently lives with Johnson’s mother, Magic, plus sister Tina Turner at an expensive beach house near Dana Point called ‘Privacy.’

Johnson has a son from his former relationship. In 1981, Andre was born to Melissa Mitchell and raised by her until he spent time with Magic every summer as an adult when they both worked at the company called Johnson Enterprises (which includes other businesses like toy manufacturing).

Magic Johnson Net worth 2023:

Magic Johnson is one of the most famous and successful retired NBA players. Many people have been ranked as great players, including those who have seen him play in person. As estimated June 2023, his net worth was $620 million, which makes for an impressive amount when you consider how long ago that would’ve even been during their playing days.

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