Magnus Oskarsson Joins Spowdi as Sales Director Asia: A Strategic Move to Boost Smart Farming in Asia

A Strategic Appointee for Spowdi

Expanding its wings in the market, Spowdi, the renowned smart farming firm, recently announced the addition of Magnus Oskarsson as their Sales Director Asia. This appointment underscores the firm’s ambition to delve deeper into the Asian markets.

Deep Dive into Magnus Oskarsson’s Expertise

Charting his professional journey, Magnus is not a new name in Asia. With a whopping 25 years under his belt, his association with Asian markets is profound. Between 1997 and 2010, DeLaval was privileged to have him in several pivotal roles, notably in India and Pakistan.

Journey from Roxtec to Xlit Group AB

Post his significant stint with DeLaval, Magnus anchored himself in India and Singapore, dedicating nearly a decade to Roxtec. Not resting on his laurels, he then ascended to the CEO position at Swedish Xlit Group AB, a formidable supply chain company with an imposing presence in 90 nations, boasting offices in both Sweden and India.

Spowdi’s Ambitious Vision for Asia

The word from the top is promising. Henrik Johansson, the dynamic CEO of Spowdi, believes that Magnus is the missing piece in their strategic puzzle. Quoting his words, “Magnus Oskarsson is an ideal recruitment with a perfect background and experience for Spowdi.” Given India’s bubbling potential, Henrik is confident that Magnus will be the catalyst in Spowdi’s Asian expansion.

Magnus’s Envisioned Roadmap for Spowdi

The optimism is palpable from both ends. Magnus resonates with Henrik’s enthusiasm and is all geared up for his tenure at Spowdi. He sees a goldmine of opportunities awaiting Spowdi in Asia. Further, he strongly believes in Spowdi’s sustainable vision and its potential to bring monumental change in smart farming.

Spowdi and SEWA: A Collaboration for the Future

In related news, Spowdi’s alignment with SEWA is already creating ripples in the market. Their recently unveiled 5-year collaboration is all set to introduce smart farming techniques to an impressive number of women small-hold farmers. SEWA, with its expansive base of 2.5 million members, stands as the world’s largest association of self-employed women.


Why has Spowdi appointed Magnus Oskarsson as Sales Director Asia?

Magnus brings with him an unparalleled experience of 25 years in Asia, making him a perfect fit to spearhead Spowdi’s expansion in the Asian market.

What notable roles has Magnus held in the past?

Magnus has held significant roles at DeLaval in India and Pakistan. Later, he spent nine years at Roxtec and was also the CEO of the Swedish Xlit Group AB.

What does Henrik Johansson, CEO of Spowdi, say about Magnus’s appointment?

Henrik believes Magnus’s background and experience make him an ideal recruit. He expects Magnus to amplify Spowdi’s presence in India, which is their most promising market.

What is Magnus Oskarsson’s vision for Spowdi?

Magnus is optimistic about Spowdi’s growth opportunities in Asia. He believes in Spowdi’s mission and envisions a sustainable future empowered by smart farming.

What is the nature of Spowdi’s collaboration with SEWA?

Spowdi and SEWA have embarked on a 5-year collaboration, aiming to introduce smart farming to tens of thousands of women small-hold farmers, leveraging SEWA’s vast member base.

Table of Key Stats:

Magnus Oskarsson’s Asian Experience25 years
Duration at DeLaval1997-2010
Time based in India & Singapore for Roxtec9 years
Countries Xlit Group AB operates in90 countries
SEWA’s Member Count2.5 million
Duration of Spowdi-SEWA collaboration5 years


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