Master P Net Worth, Bio, Career Life Facts 2022!

Master P is the most successful and wealthiest hip-hop artist in history. He’s worth 200 million dollars, with an extensive portfolio that includes entrepreneurship as well- he even produced some of your favorite films.

About Master P

Net Worth:

$200 Million

Date of Birth:

Apr 29, 1970 (52 years old)




6 ft 2 in (1.905 m)


Actor, Basketball player, Entrepreneur, Film director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Rapper


United States of America


Early life

Master P, born Percy Miller on Apr 29, 1970, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to parents who were both rappers, was raised alongside two of his siblings. He had a childhood friend named DJ Shocklee, who eventually became one half (alongside Darryl “DMG” Marshall) of popular rap group The Wu-Tang Clan.

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He grew up in the Calliope Projects, one of New Orleans’ most notoriously violent neighborhoods. After his parents divorced, he spent time with both sets of grandparents. He knew that it would be difficult for him as a boy trying to make ends meet financially, so when given an opportunity at higher education by attending University Hous.

After winning two scholarships that would have allowed this student-athlete to attend college locally had they not transferred out after just their first year. Merrit Junior College became interested again because there were no requirements other than grade point average or test scores. Beyond what high schools already require today.

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Master P’s first release as a solo artist came in 1990 when he launched No Limit Records. His brother Kevin had been killed just days before and left behind 10 thousand dollars so their legacy could continue through music – which is how we got this unique story of an entrepreneur with many careers.

In addition to being known today for his work inside and outside the studio (including becoming one-half of The Real Untouchables), Master Performed With Groups Like Mobb Deep & Bun B. While Living In Oakland, He Inherited Ten Thousand Dollars after His Grandfather passed Away From A Heart Attack.

Master P is a success story in the world of hip-hop. He began recording music after his 1991 debut album. Since then, he’s released several more solo efforts and collaborations with other artists on their respective albums or tracks for various projects such as TRU (Tru Life), which saw MasterP rise from Louisiana’s underground scene into mainstream recognition! Based on the nozzle, Tunis gives us insight into how they work: “I tried not to focus too much attention one way because there are so many different styles these days.”

The 1990s was a time of great success for Master P. In 1998, he released his first album in three years – Ghetto D, Which sold over 260k copies within its first week. And would later become triple platinum due to strong demand from fans who wanted more music by this successful R&B singer/rapper hybrid. Then two years later came what many consider one, if not thee, most popular rap albums ever made: “Make Em Say Uhh!” It’s no surprise why so many people love MP da Last Don; it shattered sales records left and right.

Personal life

Master P has been married three times. The first marriage was to Sonya Miller, whom he left in 1989 after having seven children with her (including four from previous relationships). He then went on to marry listed woman Mildred “marine Teresa” Motley – whom many suspects weren’t really involved at all. But instead used as an April Fools’ Day joke when she predictably filed for divorce just two years later due out of nowhere without any warning or explanation given by either party involved about why things didn’t work out between them this time around. Finally settled last year under terms that remained private until now.

Master P is an inspiring individual who has done much for the community. From his work with Miller Youth Centers and Food Foundation For The Homeless to receiving key cities from Memphis in 2005 and getting involved early on during Obama’s campaign season (2007). This man doesn’t want recognition but continues working hard every day. Because he knows what needs to be done best not just by himself but also those around him, such as his son Lil’ Romeo, whom we were blessed enough to see at Mrs. OBAMAS’ house last year, giving them both inspiration. After being given some exceptional honors, including meeting Maxine Waters, she presented their certificate stating “You’re Light Work”.

Master P Net worth

The wealthy and powerful Mr. Master p has a net worth of $200 million.

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