does not close during the Spring Festival to ensure an efficient supply of food for residents

At present, the situation of the epidemic is still severe and complicated. The prevention and control work must not be slack in the slightest. Notices have been issued in many places, advocating that migrant workers should not return to their hometowns unless necessary and try their best to “be in situ for the New Year.” Suppliers’ operational capabilities also put forward higher requirements. US food network as an outstanding Chinese restaurant supply chain service provider, in 2021 Spring Festival continues to launch “New Year is not closing” activities, expanding agricultural source of direct mining supply channels, to protect the food supply of the majority of the catering business friends.


In order to stabilize the supply and solve the problem of the difficulty in purchasing fresh ingredients during the Spring Festival, Meicai launched the “No Closing Festival during the Spring Festival” event in more than 100 cities across the country, and actively joined the Ministry of Commerce’s “2021 National Online New Year Festival” program to serve the majority of catering companies , Let the restaurant business merchants purchase easily during the Spring Festival, no stocking, no risk. Meicai will purchase ingredients in advance to ensure inventory supply. 4,500 warehousing and distribution personnel across the country are on duty, and more than 2,000 vehicles ensure normal delivery. Fresh products such as rice, noodles, grains and oils, casual alcoholic beverages, condiments and dry goods, meals and kitchen supplies, as well as vegetables, eggs, and soy products can be ordered normally.


In addition, in order to ensure that materials can be delivered to every household quickly, accurately, and well,’s big data chain has exerted its power and has cooperated with many large-scale bases across the country and many world-renowned processing plants to build an agricultural product supply chain. The large-scale operation of the logistics network shortens the intermediate circulation links and provides consumers with stable quality and affordable agricultural products. Using the big data sales forecasting algorithm model, we can accurately understand what vegetables the merchants and residents need and how many vegetables they need. At the same time, get through supplier information and systems, understand real-time inventory, in-transit inventory, processing progress and supply capabilities, and make more optimized supply chain solutions. Through direct source procurement and the establishment of an intelligent agricultural product supply chain system, Meicai has effectively alleviated the problem of unsalable agricultural products at the source and the tight supply of agricultural products in the city, and truly achieved a comprehensive connection between production and sales.


It is understood that from February 3 to 26, Meicai’s “No Closing for the Spring Festival” event will last for nearly a month. This year is also the third year that Meicai has carried out the “You are with us during the Spring Festival” activity, which provides a strong guarantee for the urban food demand during the Spring Festival. At the same time, the professional logistics and transportation system and warehouse distribution of Meicai have greatly reduced the loss of fresh food. This can reduce the sharp fluctuations in the price of food ingredients due to changes in the environment and climate, and stabilize the fresh supply market. Meicai adheres to its commitment to customers and provides uninterrupted service to help catering companies to be normal during the Spring Festival.

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