Unveiling Microsoft Rewards: Earn While You Search and Shop

Microsoft Rewards Program Revealed

In an effort to reclaim a share of the search engine market dominated by Google, Microsoft has launched its loyalty program, Microsoft Rewards. This program offers users the opportunity to earn rewards by utilizing Microsoft’s products and services. From conducting searches with Bing to shopping on the Microsoft Store, users can accumulate points that can be redeemed for various rewards. In this in-depth report, we will explore the intricacies of the Microsoft Rewards program, uncovering ways to earn points, discussing the two-tiered system, and providing insights into the redemption process.

How Can You Earn with Microsoft Rewards?

Searching with Bing: Unlock Points with Every Search

Utilizing the Bing search engine becomes a rewarding experience with Microsoft Rewards. By simply conducting searches, users can earn three points per search, accumulating up to 50 daily points for level 1 users and 250 points for level 2 users. Whether you use Edge, Chrome, or any other browser, as long as you search via Bing and are signed in to your Microsoft account, you’ll earn points. Microsoft Edge users receive additional bonus points, and Bing searches made through Cortana or the Windows 10 Search Box also count towards your rewards. Don’t forget to explore the Bing app, Microsoft Edge app, or Microsoft’s Launcher app for Android to earn points on mobile devices as well.

Complete Fun Offers: Turn Simple Tasks into Points

Microsoft Rewards offers a variety of engaging activities that allow users to earn additional points. These activities include quizzes, polls, surveys, puzzles, trivia questions, and more. By completing these tasks, users can earn 5 or 10 points for each activity, with the opportunity to accumulate over 100 points daily. Daily sets and challenges offer further avenues for boosting your points, with streaks rewarding continuous participation. Whether you’re setting goals, taking a Microsoft Rewards tour, or embarking on an activity hunt, these fun offers are a great way to unwind and earn rewards.

Shop on the Microsoft Store: Earn Points While You Spend

Shopping on the Microsoft Store presents another opportunity to earn points through Microsoft Rewards. With every dollar spent, users can accumulate points based on their level. Level 1 users earn one point per dollar, while level 2 users receive 10 points per dollar. Those on level 2 with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold subscription enjoy an even greater reward rate of 20 points per dollar. Whether you’re purchasing games, TV series, apps, or even Microsoft Surface PCs, your spending contributes to your point balance. It’s important to note that points are deducted if a purchase is returned or canceled.

Earn Points on Xbox: Gaming Your Way to Rewards

If you’re an Xbox user, Microsoft Rewards offers several ways to earn points while indulging in gaming. Playing free-to-play games, renting TV series, downloading new apps, and purchasing eligible digital items from the Microsoft Store can all contribute to your point accumulation. Completing exclusive quests from the Game Pass membership area and participating in monthly surveys further enhance your earnings. Whether you’re a passionate gamer or an occasional player, Microsoft Rewards provides an additional incentive to enjoy your Xbox experience.


How many points can I earn from searches?

Level 1 users can earn up to 50 daily search points, while level 2 users can earn up to 250 daily search points.

Can I earn points on mobile devices?

Yes, you can earn points on mobile devices by using the Bing app, Microsoft Edge app, or Microsoft’s Launcher app for Android.

What rewards are available for redemption?

Microsoft Rewards offers a range of rewards, including gift cards from popular companies and services like Amazon, Burger King, and Starbucks. Users can also participate in sweepstakes for a chance to win elaborate prizes, or choose to donate their points to select charitable organizations.

How quickly can I earn enough points for a reward?

Assuming you’re on level 2, you can earn 250 points daily from searches alone. This amounts to 7,500 points per month and 90,000 points yearly, equivalent to $90 worth of rewards in a year. By taking advantage of additional activities and shopping points, you can increase your yearly rewards to over $100.

Does Google have a similar rewards program?

No, Google does not currently offer an equivalent to Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft’s program is designed to incentivize the use of its products and services, particularly Bing and Edge.

Table of Key Stats:

FeaturePoints per ActivityMaximum Daily PointsLevel Requirement
Searching with Bing3 points per searchUp to 250 pointsLevel 1 or 2
Completing Fun Offers5-10 points per activityOver 100 pointsLevel 1 or 2
Shopping on Microsoft Store1-20 points per dollarVaries based on levelLevel 1 or 2
Earn Points on XboxVaries by activityVaries by activityLevel 1 or 2
Reward RedemptionVaries by rewardN/AN/A


Microsoft Rewards presents an enticing opportunity for users to earn rewards while using Microsoft’s products and services. With various ways to accumulate points, from searching with Bing to shopping on the Microsoft Store and engaging in fun activities, users can enjoy additional perks for their loyalty. While the program may not lead to financial freedom, it offers a means to treat oneself and make the most out of everyday activities. As Microsoft continues to refine and expand its offerings, the switch to Microsoft Rewards might just be the reward you’ve been waiting for.

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