Mobile Global Esports Inc. (NASDAQ:MGAM) Jumps to Double after Partnership with Artemis Ave LLC

Mobile Global Esports Inc. (NASDAQ:MGAM) shared jumped over 103% to close at $5.30 and still surged 5.66% in pre trading session on Wednesday. After the firm declared that Artemis Ave LLC has joins hand with Mobile Global Esports Inc. (MOGO) to deliver a custom gaming platform that is intended provide a dynamic social engagement for the Indian university esports market. ZuCasa’s patented EVE compression, which may cut file size by as much as 65%, will make it feasible for users of this new platform to interact with HD video and music in private digital suites while they play games, watch competitions, or even watch YouTube.

CEO of ZuCasa, Gregory Butler stated that ZuCasa is around community, delivering sole video features that give people a casual to enjoy content and each other. He added, “Adapting our technology for esports is a natural fit, and it’s exciting to be working with MOGO to create a platform for the Indian University National Championship and the 800+ universities they represent.”

According to Anthony Rennert, CTO of ZuCasa and the man behind EVE, MOGO is a great use case for EVE and all of our video capabilities. Although the broadband infrastructure is becoming better, reaching the estimated 37 million university students as well as friends, family, and esports enthusiasts in general calls for a customized, next-generation solution. Formerly the head of Howard Stern’s digital team, Anthony has worked for or served as a consultant for several companies, including Cogent, Time Warner, China Telecom, Qwest, Tata, and many more.

MOGO Esports Pvt. Ltd., the head of MOGO’s Indian subsidiary, Sunny Bhandarkar said that with their present tournament schedule engaging over 200 universities competing in the 70 tournaments their have scheduled for the 2022/2023 academic year, MOGO management sees great opportunities for serving ads and branding placements to this highly desirable demographic.

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