New Chairman Elected for Atea ASA Board of Directors

In a recent announcement, the Board of Directors of Atea ASA has elected Sven Madsen to serve as Chairman of the Board. Madsen is a highly respected financial expert and has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Consolidated Holdings A/S. He has been a Board member of Atea ASA since 2008 and Consolidated Holdings A/S since 2003. Madsen has been appointed as Chairman of the Board after the legendary Ib Kunøe stepped down from his position.


Atea ASA is one of the leading IT infrastructure providers in Europe, with over 8000 employees. Madsen’s appointment is expected to provide strong leadership and help the company navigate through its next phase of growth.


Madsen’s Background and Experience


Madsen is an experienced financial expert with a background in auditing. Before joining Consolidated Holdings A/S, he was CFO in SystemForum A/S, Group Controller in FLS Industries A/S, and Group Controller in Codan Insurance A/S. He has also been serving as a board member of many of Consolidated’s portfolio companies, including Columbus A/S (Nasdaq OMX), X-Yachts A/S, core:workers AB, Ejendomsaktieselskabet af 1920 A/S, MonTa Biosciences ApS, Dansk Emballage A/S, and DAN-Palletiser Finans A/S.


Madsen holds a Graduate Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting and an MSc in Business Economics and Auditing. He has broad experience in the IT sector and within corporate management, finance, and M&A, based on his prior work.


Madsen’s Excitement and Future Goals


In an interview, Madsen expressed his excitement and pride at taking over as Chairman of the Board, following the legendary Ib Kunøe, who left behind a company in excellent financial shape and with a strong management team. Madsen emphasized that he was looking forward to working on the next phase of Atea’s journey with the rest of the Board and with all of Atea’s 8000-plus employees.


Madsen’s goals for Atea include focusing on sustainable growth and innovation, expanding the company’s offerings, and enhancing customer experience. He believes that Atea’s talented employees and strong management team, coupled with its reputation as a leading IT infrastructure provider, will help the company achieve these goals.


Reaction to Madsen’s Appointment


Madsen’s appointment has been welcomed by the Board of Directors and Atea’s employees. The Board believes that Madsen’s experience, knowledge, and financial expertise will help the company achieve its future goals and maintain its position as a leading IT infrastructure provider in Europe.


Employees have expressed their optimism about Madsen’s appointment, with many believing that his leadership will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the company. They are also confident that Madsen’s focus on sustainable growth and innovation will help the company navigate through the rapidly evolving IT landscape.




The appointment of Sven Madsen as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atea ASA is a significant development for the company. Madsen’s extensive experience in finance and the IT sector, coupled with his leadership qualities, is expected to provide strong direction and help the company achieve its future goals. The Board of Directors and Atea’s employees have expressed their confidence in Madsen’s ability to lead the company into its next phase of growth.

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