Nitro Games releases new game “My Life” on Snapchat

Nitro Games’s My Life on Snapchat:

Nitro Games has announced that a new mobile game, My Life, is now available on Snapchat.

In My Life, players get to choose a career, earn money, and furnish their virtual apartment with different items. The game also lets players visit each other’s apartments and connect with others to create a neighborhood.

My Life is an instant game, meaning that users can jump into the game without having to download it separately. It is available exclusively on the Snapchat platform and features Bitmoji avatars.

Jussi Tähtinen, CEO & Co-Founder of Nitro Games said “My Life is the second instant game we’ve developed for the Snapchat platform”. “This game introduces something new for Snap, and we are excited to see the player reception.”

Nitro Games previously announced that it is developing an upcoming game for the Snapchat platform. My Life is the second game that Nitro Games has released on Snapchat. The company has two more game development projects with Snap Inc. For more information about Snap.Inc, visit


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