Pablo Escobar Net Worth & Biography [2022 Updated]

Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug kingpin with a peak net worth of $30 billion during his lifetime, ran one of history’s most notorious cartels. He distributed 80% or more cocaine markets before being arrested in 1991 – which eventually led him to be responsible for thousands, possibly tens of thousands, murders ranging from innocent civilians to high-ranking politicians like Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan.

About Pablo Escobar:

Net Worth:$30 Billion
Date of Birth:Dec 1, 1949 – Dec 2, 1993 (44 years old)
Height:5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
Profession:Drug lord

Early life

When Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on December 1, 1949 in Rionegro Colombia to farmer Abel de Jesus Dari Escobar Echeverri and teacher Hilda De Los Dolores Gavidi Berrio he became the third of seven children. The son who would become known for his criminal career started while still at home, selling gravestones (a tradition passed down) alongside counterfeit diplomas, which are also thought to be where it all began – with this guy having sold them locally. As well.

In the early 1970s, Escobar became partners with Oscar Benel Aguirre and ramped up his criminal activity to run petty scams and sell contraband from fake cigarettes (which he would later use for hostage-taking), among other things. By then, having earned $100k thanks primarily due to capturing one man who was kidnapped at gunpoint – an executive working for Medellin’s Beer Company- during this period, he had made his first million.

Criminal Career

The Medellin Cartel, run by Pablo Escobar and his henchmen in Colombia, would become one of the most profitable drug rings ever. They had over two dozen planes that they used for transportation as well as six helicopters which helped them move around their vast amount of cocaine paste from Peru all across America into plane tires so it could be refined into purer forms like powder or bricks–a process is known ” refining.” The demand was high within our country, but this didn’t stop them! With 15 tons per day being smuggled inside, that raked in $420 million per month.

The citizens of Medellin were unaware that their hero, Escobar, had become a hunted man. He successfully won them over with his facade by building sports fields and sponsoring children’s football teams; constructing houses for the poor while distributing money through civic activities – all the time avoiding arrest by serving as lookouts or lying to authorities.

In 1998 when an elaborate scheme was put into motion to capture him- it finally succeeded! This eventually brought peace back onto what used to be called ‘the city Of Towers’.

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Reign of Terror

When Pablo Escobar realized that he would never be able to achieve the presidency of Colombia, his fuse grew shorter and more violent. He was responsible for thousands upon thousand murders during this period to reach what seemed like a ” fantasy” – becoming president himself.

On Oct 2, 1985, at 9:30 pm, natural, local Castro led an operation that captured capi Programa, whose empire stretched across Europe and Latin America while maintaining influence over many other criminals globally. His fortune still exceeded 1 billion dollars, even though most had been depleted by mutual consent or legal action against them.

Prison and Death

After Luis Carlos Galan, a liberal politician and journalist who had run for president on two occasions, was killed by the Medellin Cartel in 1990 because he threatened their power. The government finally made severe moves to capture him after this murder caused many problems between them, with all criminal activity continuing without any arrests or captures happening until 1991 when Escobar surrendered himself right away at prison terms offered by law due solely based on his stature within Colombia’s organized crime community before anything else could happen that might jeopardize an already fragile peace agreement between various drug cartels operating throughout Latin America at following extensive years worth violence involving innocent victims both caught in the middle of the crossfire between warring factions and caught up inadvertently business dealings with criminals.

This is the story of Pablo Escobar, who became one of history’s most notorious criminals due to his ambition and flair for showmanship. He was “jailed” in La Catedral – a private luxury prison with all amenities at height from an extravagant bar; football pitch (for those friendly games); spa treatments inside supersonic jets that could bring you anywhere on earth within minutes… But even though he had everything going on behind bars, there were still some things outside he couldn’t control: namely, the Medellin Cartel, which soon after retaking power started scaling new heights under the leadership of Pablo’s relatives until finally culminating in the most extensive ever drug war, killing thousands across countries including Mexico and the United States.

Personal life

When Escobar married 15-year-old Maria Victoria Henao in 1976, he was 26 years old, and her family would not have allowed their relationship. However, with all odds against them, this couple went ahead with their elopement, which led to two children: son Juan Pablo who later changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin, And daughter Manuela.

Pablo Escobar Net worth:

When Pablo was alive, and his cartel thrived, he employed ten accountants to help launder hundreds of millions in illicit currency. He reportedly spent $2500 a month just on rubber bands – that’s enough for 250 thousand per month. Much like how we’ve seen before with druglords who store their money wherever they can find space (including basements), this leader had an issue managing spoilage, often losing dollars due to hunger by late 2008, when things took off too quickly.

Forbes Magazine estimated that Pablo’s wealth was north of $1 billion in 1987, and they made it into their inaugural list as one of the international billionaires. The personal earnings up until this point were valued at three billion today’s dollars after adjusting for inflation – which means around 8x more than what they were back then! He topped off each year’s ranking with an additional six-billion dollar haul over seven years till his succession onto Forbes’ “World Billionaires” page.

The cartel put a $1 million contract out on General Manuel Noriega’s life when he became an obstacle to their money-laundering scheme.

The early 1980s saw Pablo pay Panamanian leader/Generalissimo Albertino Santa Anna Enterprisesfield billions of dollars for him stashes away with some cash from drug trafficking operations; however, after their relationship soured and all funds were frozen due to government interference (specifically pertaining within Miami). The Sinaloa Cartel reportedly issued this hilltop offer: If you want us gone, we’ll make sure one bullet cleanses your entire family tree, starting with your son.

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