Petra Albuschus Leaves ICA Gruppen to Lead HR and Sustainability at Autoliv

ICA Gruppen’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Petra Albuschus, has announced her departure from the company by November 2023. She will be assuming the role of Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Sustainability at Autoliv.

The news of Albuschus’ transition has sparked anticipation within the industry, as ICA Gruppen commences the search for her successor.


A Decade of Dedication


Having joined ICA in 2008, Petra Albuschus has played an integral role in the organization’s growth and success. Initially serving as the logistics director for ICA Sweden, she later assumed the position of Chief Human Resources Officer for ICA Gruppen in 2015.

Throughout her tenure, Albuschus has contributed significantly to the development of ICA Gruppen’s strong employer brand and has been instrumental in the implementation of the company’s people strategy.

Her accomplishments include the establishment of ICA’s recruitment team and the creation of ICA’s learning team. Colleagues and industry professionals alike hold Petra Albuschus in high regard, acknowledging her leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Nina Jönsson, CEO of ICA Gruppen, expressed her appreciation for Petra’s contributions and conveyed her best wishes for her future endeavors. Jönsson emphasized Albuschus’ crucial role in shaping ICA Gruppen’s current employer brand position and acknowledged her lasting impact on the organization.


The Road Ahead


As Petra Albuschus embarks on her new professional journey at Autoliv, ICA Gruppen commences the search for a capable successor. The recruitment process is set to commence promptly, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity within the company’s HR division.

The selection of a qualified and visionary leader will be vital in maintaining ICA Gruppen’s upward trajectory and further enhancing its position as a leading employer in the industry.


The Legacy of Petra Albuschus


Petra Albuschus’ departure from ICA Gruppen marks the end of an era, as her significant contributions have left an indelible mark on the organization. Her instrumental role in fortifying ICA Gruppen’s employer brand position and the implementation of key HR strategies have been paramount to the company’s growth and success.

The legacy she leaves behind will serve as a testament to her dedication and expertise in the field of human resources.


Industry Anticipation


The news of Petra Albuschus assuming the role of Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Sustainability at Autoliv has created ripples of anticipation within the industry. Her appointment is seen as a strategic move by Autoliv to bolster their human resources and sustainability initiatives.

The combination of Albuschus’ extensive experience and Autoliv’s commitment to sustainability is expected to pave the way for innovative HR practices and further the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility.




Petra Albuschus’ departure from ICA Gruppen signifies the beginning of a new chapter in her professional journey. Her accomplishments and contributions to ICA Gruppen have been invaluable, shaping the organization’s employer brand and HR strategies.

As she embarks on her new role at Autoliv, ICA Gruppen prepares to find a suitable successor to continue the company’s growth and success. The industry eagerly awaits the next steps in both Petra Albuschus’ career and the future of ICA Gruppen’s HR division.

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