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Popularity of mobile offices and office booths in Japan

Covid 19 and other limited resources have increased the need for office booths, such as telephone booths in public places across Japan, and in many places they have become like self-contained bushes, dubbed “telecubes.”


Although it started in 2019. First, such facilities were introduced in public places, train stations and even inside the trains themselves. In this way, those who work away from the office benefited. Such places were also seen in coffee and tea houses and then the Corona epidemic broke out after which the demand for telecubes increased.


These booths are now available in major shopping malls as well. Completely protected from external noise, the booth is two meters high and one meter wide. It has a PC, power cable, phone charger cable and video conferencing software. There is also seating for more than one person. This way anyone can use a temporary office for very little rent. Offices for renting buildings in Japan are very expensive and that is why people are turning to telecubes.


The app can now be used to book nearby telecubs, which cost the equivalent of $ 2.37 a minute.

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