Qualcomm releases Snapdragon Sound brand to enhance wireless audio quality for discerning ears

Qualcomm launched Snapdragon Sound, a new brand after its integration of audio technology and software for mobile phones and wireless earbuds. This can actually be seen as a synthesis of all products from mobile chipsets to Bluetooth hardware to active noise reduction, just like the Snapdragon mobile platform covers SoC, modems and other parts.



Therefore, Snapdragon Sound is included in the Snapdragon 8 series of mobile platforms, such as the recently released Snapdragon 888 flagship 5G chipset. It utilizes the company’s FastConnect 6900 mobile connection system, and its QCC514x, QCC515x and QCC3056 series Bluetooth audio SoCs announced at the end of 2020, bringing including automatic calibration, active noise reduction (ANC) technology, plus its aptX adaptive And aptX voice system, respectively used to dynamically adjust wireless music streaming and ultra-wideband voice calls, with a quality up to 32 kHz.

Aqstic audio code and smart speaker amplifiers WCD938x and WSA883x are also part of the Snapdragon Sound series. Together with the company’s audio and voice communication software suites, they form an increasingly important voice communication sector in recent years.


Qualcomm said that the result of this is higher audio quality and easier identification of the brand, without requiring consumers to dig equipment or component specification sheets, especially the new logo allows manufacturers to include packaging, equipment and software Use, easy to identify.

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