Quest Global and NVIDIA Join Forces to Revolutionize Manufacturing

Quest Global, a rapidly growing engineering services firm, has announced its latest venture with tech giant NVIDIA. The companies are joining forces to bring cutting-edge solutions to the manufacturing and automotive industries using NVIDIA’s Omniverse Enterprise platform.

New Services and Solutions

Quest Global is developing new services and solutions to help deliver the best 3D visualization, simulation, design collaboration, and digital twin solutions for manufacturers. By partnering with NVIDIA, Quest Global aims to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes by incorporating large-scale digital twins enabled by AI and IoT.

Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

The digital twins will allow manufacturers to optimize their operations, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Dushyant Reddy, Global Business Head for Hi-Tech at Quest Global, says the partnership is a commitment to helping customers pursue innovation and solve engineering problems.

Introducing NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

Omniverse Enterprise is an end-to-end simulation platform that helps organizations create and operate digital twins. The platform allows for the integration of datasets from multiple 3D digital content creation and simulation applications, connecting to AI platforms such as Isaac Sim and Metropolis.

Building Factories of the Future

Brian Harrison, Senior Director of Product Management for Omniverse Digital Twins at NVIDIA, says the industrial metaverse requires innovative simulation and AI capabilities. The collaboration between Quest Global and NVIDIA aims to enhance manufacturing and design collaboration to a new level.

Leveraging 3D Simulation, Engineering, and AI

Quest Global, as a long-standing NVIDIA Partner Network member, is well-positioned to leverage its expertise in 3D simulation, engineering, and AI. The company plans to utilize Omniverse for product design, robotics training, AI training, and much more for its customers across various industries.


With this partnership, Quest Global and NVIDIA are set to bring new levels of innovation to the manufacturing industry. The digital twins enabled by Omniverse Enterprise will help manufacturers optimize their operations and bring the factories of the future to life.

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