Readly and Lidl Join Forces to Offer Exclusive Digital Reading Experience

In an exciting development for avid readers and digital enthusiasts, Readly, the popular digital magazine and newspaper platform, has expanded its partnership with Lidl, the renowned supermarket chain. Building on their successful collaborations in various markets across Europe, Readly and Lidl have now extended their strategic alliance to France.

This strategic move allows Lidl Plus customers in France to access a vast array of over 7,000 digital magazines and newspapers, opening up a world of inspiration and entertainment at their fingertips.


A New Dimension of Shopping:

The digitization of the grocery sector has revolutionized the way we shop, and this partnership between Readly and Lidl in France marks a significant step forward in merging convenience with digital innovation.

With the aim of attracting new users to the Readly platform, this collaboration capitalizes on consumers’ appreciation for digital offers from trusted brands they have long shopped with. Lidl’s strong brand trust and large, loyal customer base make it an ideal partner for Readly’s expansion plans.


Unveiling the French Partnership:

As part of its continued efforts to establish a solid presence in the French market, Readly has forged partnerships with several renowned brands since its launch in November 2022.

Collaborations with Groupon, Huawei, Glossybox, and N26 bank have already proven successful, paving the way for Readly’s latest French venture with Lidl. Having previously collaborated with Lidl in multiple markets, Readly is delighted to bring its leading app to Lidl Plus customers in France, enriching their shopping experience.


Marie-Sophie von Bibra, Chief Marketing Officer at Readly, expresses her enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “We are very happy to partner with Lidl France to offer its customers the opportunity to discover a world of inspiration and entertainment with our leading app.

As a leader in their space, we are proud to partner with Lidl in France and across our various markets.” This sentiment highlights the mutual admiration and shared goals between the two industry-leading companies.


Unlocking Limitless Reading Pleasure:

Renowned for its commitment to providing customers with high-quality products at the most affordable prices, Lidl has teamed up with Readly to offer a compelling offer to Lidl Plus app users in France.

Readers will enjoy the exclusive benefit of two months of free reading, granting them unrestricted access to Readly’s extensive portfolio of digital magazines and newspapers.

With a library of over 7,000 publications spanning a diverse range of topics, Lidl Plus customers can delve into their favorite interests, discover new passions, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends.


Embracing Innovation:

By embracing digitalization and the power of technology, Lidl is taking steps to enhance its customers’ shopping experience beyond traditional groceries. The collaboration with Readly aligns with Lidl’s vision of catering to customers’ evolving needs and offering added value. This innovative approach not only strengthens Lidl’s position as a customer-centric brand but also provides a competitive edge in the ever-evolving retail landscape.


Reader Reactions:

The response from Lidl Plus customers in France has been overwhelmingly positive. The opportunity to explore a vast selection of digital magazines and newspapers complements their lifestyle, providing a convenient and accessible way to stay informed, entertained, and inspired.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the partnership between Lidl and Readly resonates with customers who seek a seamless integration of technology into their everyday lives.


Expanding Horizons:

With the successful expansion of their strategic partnership into France, Readly and Lidl continue to broaden their global footprint.

Having already established collaborations in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, this latest venture underscores their commitment to providing readers worldwide with unparalleled access to a wealth of digital content.



Readly’s extended partnership with Lidl marks a significant milestone in the world of digital reading, offering Lidl Plus customers in France an exclusive opportunity to embark on a limitless journey of inspiration and entertainment. By leveraging Lidl’s strong brand trust and loyal customer base, Readly solidifies its position as a leading digital platform in the magazine and newspaper industry.

This strategic collaboration not only enhances the shopping experience for Lidl customers but also demonstrates the power of fruitful partnerships in driving innovation and meeting the ever-changing demands of consumers in a digitized world.

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